The Moon in the fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

fire.jpg Moon in Aries

Despite how old you are, your inner child peeks out and you are playful, love to have fun, are excitable and somewhat naive.

For you, your life is a great adventure, and anything new is attractive to you. The experience in your life works like a way to learn more about yourself.

You crave individuality and asserting things for yourself. New projects get you excited to start them, but you are inconsistent in how well you get started in these projects and activities.

Anger is a problem for you, and you hate being diplomatic. That causes you to react with very strong feelings, but usually your bad mood doesn’t last long.

It’s a good idea if you walk off the bad mood, as this helps it subside.

Weakness is something you despise, and you hate needing any kind of help, support or care from another person. Even though you seem angry, you are actually often insecure. You need to find a way to be able to ask for assistance if needed. You may be brave, but that bravado sometimes gets you into trouble.

Stop thinking about you and start thinking about other people’s feelings. You also must learn to be patient.


Moon in Leo

Usually you are happy, welcoming and easy to talk to. You hate liars and people who play with your feelings.

You want to be remembered, liked and given approval, so being lauded makes you feel secure, while if someone pays you no heed, you get worried.

You are naturally artistic and very creative.

Your charisma and strong independence makes people like you, particularly if they want someone to be with who is strong. In turn, you want your mate to be someone you feel pride in because you have a strong ego.

At times you might be egotistical, self-centered and stubborn and your feelings are easy to see. This makes you sensationalize things that happen in your life and how you felt about them.

People occasionally see you as aloof and vain, but you only do this if you are unsure of the situation. If hurt, you hide in a form of self-contemplation, but everyone else thinks you are gloomy.


Moon in Sagittarius

You are daring, frisky, love freedom, and constantly are prepared to have fun.

Things like going places, being around people, friendship, and speaking your mind make you feel good.

You lean towards expanding your limitations – to find and bring to life new options, to go on trips, and to mature people’s understanding. You desire lots of chances to show your feelings and love to be on the move. This may cause you to avoid relationships.

You likely have trouble accepting how you feel, it’s not easy to make your feelings fit any type of structure, which causes them to be erratic.

When triggered, your feelings get you involved in private, emotional circumstances that might impend liberty and your ability to be flexible. Many times, you attempt to make others happy or give logical advice to sad people, but unsuspectingly evade or disregard the feelings involved.

You infrequently let problems make you sad, because you have a positive attitude no matter if you have had bed things happen previously or at all. You sometimes avoid a decision, wait until later, and involve yourself in unrealistic dreams instead of acceptance of a more realistic truth.

Spiritual things interest you, as you desire to learn about the great men who changed our world through their ideals and visions.

You can find out where your Moon is located by calculating the Astrological Birth Qualities report and selecting “Planets’ positions and aspects.”

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