The Moon in the air signs: Geminis, Libra, Aquarius

air.jpg Moon in Geminis
You need lots of brain stimulus and prefer being around those that also have plenty of intellectual interests. You like to be around lots of different kinds of people.

Restlessness haunts your feelings and you really desire to leave and seek out greener pastures that offer you more excitement and a change to do new things. You might become hooked on social media.

You tend to overshare your feelings with others and often over think your emotions. Therefore, you get worried, nervous and stressed out at times.

You need to learn to control your thoughts so you won’t always want to change your mind and be inconclusive in things you do.

You are finding out that you need to know yourself better so that you can create deeper, more thoughtful relationships. You will have all the information needed at the time it is needed and not be so anxious to get more and more information.

Moon in Libra
Your loves are art and music and you have the skill to perform.

You stay away from disagreements or things that invoke deep feelings or involve harmful or worrisome behaviors.

Sharing is in your nature, you desire to feel deep love and understanding with your mate. In fact, you compromise your own being to keep the peace with your spouse or significant other.

You connect your self-esteem with others’ acceptance of you, as well as how your own relationships go. How you feel depends on what you think other people think of you. In fact, you need everyone to like you and you hate any kind of discord and very seldom speak your mind in order to keep everything on an even keel.

That’s not good and you need to speak your mind about how you feel. You want everything to be harmonious, peaceful and totally balanced. You are very indecisive and uncertain. This makes you dislike yourself more than others would realize if they saw you.

Find your own direction by listening to what your insides are telling you, don’t do what everyone else is doing. Being confident won’t cause you to lose a relationship, in fact, it may make things better because you will respect each other more.

Moon in Aquarius
You have an innate understanding in what’s best for everyone, an inborn tendency to do what’s the greatest thing for one and all. That makes you a great friend.

Your feelings are usually logically guided and that makes you unemotional when you have to show them. If endangered by developing feelings or desires, you may try to reason or think them out. That causes people to believe you don’t care as they can’t understand how you deal with emotions.

Relationships aren’t vital to you like they are to some, and you hold your friends dearer than relatives. You desire to fix the world’s problems, but pay little attention to people where you live.

You find refuge in activities that help the world, however, you tend to pay no attention to what relatives or friends near you need. You are likely to be welcoming, innate, caring, liberal and self-governing.

You require independence and individuality in your relations with people, and despise a lover who gets clingy and jealous.

It is hard for you to understand others’ feelings. On your worse you might be aloof, stubborn, unpredictable, unruly, unbending, emotionally restricted and self-centered.

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