The Moon in the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

water.jpg Moon in Cancer
Deep emotions ground you, so you are always seeking things that produce them in order to feel stable and secure.

Loving and being loved is vital to your life and you greatly desire it from family and loved ones. If this love occurs then you feel greater security.

You find it easy to adjust to any deeply emotional place you are in and easily fill yourself with emotions. You are emotionally very sensitive to your surroundings.

Listen to your intuition, as you tend to have psychic abilities. You care deeply for other people, and are very empathetic to their emotions and needs.

You desire to help, cherish and take care of people. You like taking care of people and at times get overwhelmed in your responsibilities to them.

It’s hard for you to handle your feelings, but it’s something you must do.

People think you are a bit crazy because you aren’t able to get them to understand how you feel.

The past and your memories play a part in all your thoughts and this makes you feel stable and secure.

If snubbed, you take it personally and even if you forgive the one who did it, you won’t forget what happened.

Learn to understand those deep emotions that govern your life and how you act, and you will reap great rewards, in fact, remember how your mom influenced your value system, the way you believe and how you act.

You never forget, however, it’s vital for you to learn how to get past what has hurt you and forgive the ones who did it.

Moon in Scorpio
You don’t like phony looking people and try to get to the bottom of why they act the way they do. You could lean towards liking what is unseen, such as the spirit world.

You don’t trust easily and are wary of what others are thinking or planning. Thereby, you don’t open up to many people since you distrust most people.

Your feelings rule your life and thereby you are very emotional. You project a commanding and nearly hypnotic sensuality. But that passionate desire is not only physical. Your desire your lovers to merge with you completely, including physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You know how to judge someone just by looking at them. You can tell what their weaknesses are and thereby push their buttons to make them respond to you. However, even though it works, it makes you lonely.

You are a mysterious person and likely wordlessly sulk if someone hurts you, no matter if real or imagined.

Sometimes you try to find interest in someone or captivate a lover in under your control. You hate being rejected and are worried about not being able to control a situation or that you will give in to someone.

But to let yourself be more exposed and give up having to be in control over your relationships is hard. Jealousy and controlling issues happens in your relationships, as well as resentment. Get over these feelings or they will make you sick.

Learn to direct your mood externally instead of holding them in.

Moon in Pisces
You are subtle, caring and tender, creative, wary, and warm, and innately know the way people act and feel.

You are vulnerable, sometimes sulk, often change how you feel, like to go places, but still want a home base where you can be happy and content.

You show your feelings understandingly and empathetically and the way others feel affects your own feelings.

You require a need to be left alone in your thoughts so you can have time to dream and let your imagination run. You form attachments dependent on emotional ties and are open to being inspired by things in and outside of your life.

Sometimes, however, you are too caring, and people take advantage of you. That makes you fall back so you can gather your strength and compose yourself.

You are quite romantic and adore the idea of love itself. Occasionally your emotions and imagination get away from you and you get too emotional or soppy, and that upsets others nearby.

You might be skilled in something artistic like dance, music or the arts.

You are always seeking some magical places where you can feel happy and jump into solitude if hurt by others.

Try not to day dream or fantasize too much, as it could lead you to addictions that you will have a hard time controlling.

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