Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Libra and Sun in the houses

SunAcHouse-Aries-Libra.jpg Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Libra and Sun in House 5

You have a strong sense of purpose and identity. You are creative and fun loving and you are not afraid to take a gamble if there is a chance you can achieve your goals. Libra Ascendant adds charm and creativity to your personal style.

You are more mindful of harmony and more relationship conscious than typical Sun in Aries because Libra Rising redirects your focus back to the world around you, making peace, connection to others and partnerships an equal priority to your own personal ambitions.

The connection between Sun in Aries, ruled by Mars and the polar opposite to Libra, and Libra Ascendant, gives a reciprocity of energy between masculine (Mars) and feminine (Venus, ruler of Libra) energies. You are assertive, confident and courageous and aren’t afraid to be a trailblazer, yet due to the collaborative emphasis of Libra Ascendant you are more likely to exert great effort on behalf of others and your passions to act on your beliefs are typically stirred by the needs of a partner or your motivation to bring balance and harmony to those around you.

Sun in Aries in the fifth house also carries a lighthearted, youthful energy reinforcing the childlike qualities of both the Sun and the sign of Aries. The 5th house is associated with recreation and procreation and so you may relate well with children and young people or form close relationships with young people in your family, or work with youth. The fifth house also gives you a desire to prove yourself through sports, games, competition and conquest. Whether you are attempting to dominate in sports or assert your power through attracting numerous lovers or exciting affairs, you enjoy the natural high of a good adrenaline rush and thrive on the rush of being desired by others and showcasing your strengths and physical stamina in sexual relationships or in athletic competition.

Libra Rising also adds to your attraction power. Others perceive you as physically beautiful and your personality also easily wins over the hearts of others. Although potential lovers are easily drawn to you, you may struggle to make serious commitments because of your preference to remain playful and unattached for long. You also tend to enjoy the fantasy and ideal aspects of romance and relationships but shy away from the heavy duty responsibilities which accompany long term commitments.

You have the potential to be hard working and focused yet if not mindful you are also easily sidetracked by pleasure seeking and wanting to find the easy way to achieve your goals. As a result your Aries Sun is easily distracted by pleasurable diversions which placate your senses while keeping you from steadily pursuing your ambitions. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Rare

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Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Libra and Sun in House 6

You are energetic and enthusiastic and have an optimistic attitude and confidence in yourself and your abilities. Libra Ascendant adds creativity and the desire to uplift and share with others to create balance and harmony, to your penchant for protecting others. As a result you may act as a decisive leader on behalf of others or help motivate and uplift others to fulfill their potential.

Libra Rising enhances your talent for expressing yourself through creative and artistic means. Whether decorating, painting, creating music or displaying your aesthetic talents through your fashion sense, you spread love and beauty. You have a strong sense of justice and are an advocate for the disenfranchised yet you are likely to find diplomatic ways to empower others.

Sun in the sixth house helps to ground your idealistic Libra Ascendant and fiery Solar influence in Aries. As a result you are more patient and attentive to details. Sun in Aries in the 6th house gives you motivation to be of service to others through your daily routines. You may be passionate about helping animals as well and may work or volunteer as an advocate for small or domesticated animals. In addition you are a intensely committed to health and may be zealous about your own diet or health routines or providing health guidance to others.

Although the Sun is exalted in the sixth house, Aries in this house can give bring susceptibility to health problems such as inflammation or injuries or illness related to unchecked impulsivity. As you mature and learn greater self mastery, one of your challenges will be to moderate your personal energy so that you do not become burned out with work or jeopardize your health because of overactivity or impulsivity.

You are motivated by significant people in your life and partnerships become a catalyst for you to emerge from your comfort zone. You have the potential to lead others yet you don’t crave the spotlight. You may develop a reputation as someone who is quick to act and thrives in intense situations such as work involving emergency response. Your presence is both comforting and stabilizing to others and you are also able to act quickly even when under pressure. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Average

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Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Libra and Sun in House 7

You are passionate and decisive, self assured and confident. Sun in Aries gives you a strong will and intense motivation to succeed at anything you put your mind to. Libra Ascendant also connects reaches you on a personal level, your identity is connected to the polarity of partnership and this echoes as if it is the theme that your life is built on.

Libra Rising is the polar opposite of self determined Aries Sun. As your Ascendant, Libra occupies the first house, the natural base of Aries energy, blending the focus on ambition and personal power with obligations to partnerships and harmony, love and beauty.

Your Sun in Aries is in the seventh house, the natural domain of Libra, therefore there is a strengthened current of energy that reinforces the significance of individual needs and partnership. Your awareness of the needs of others and your ability to form significant partnerships which help you succeed in your goals are amplified by this connection.

Your focus is on balance and harmony yet you are likely to jump to conclusions based on your immediate biases and beliefs. Impulsivity can disrupt the peace you desire in your relationships and you will have the opportunity to evolve to a point of recognizing your impulsive instincts yet allowing other forces to slow your reactions and consider the views of others before jumping to the conclusion that everyone thinks and perceives as you do.

You are attractive to others and possess optimism, charm empathy and a sensitivity to the needs of others around you. Others are drawn to your magnetic personality and generous nature and you exude a passionate, intense sexual appeal. You are romantic and value the bonds of partnership. You tend to work better in pairs as opposed to large groups or on your own.

Although you desire peace and security, you are also likely to unintentionally tip the scales out of balance by way of tendencies to dominate. This is not done intentionally, you have a high level of energy and are quick to act. Your success is often stimulated by partnerships as catalysts for you to stretch outside of your comfort zone and while you don’t need much prompting you are more tenacious when defending or empowering others than you would be for your own benefit.

As energetic as you are, Libra Rising can lead to some laziness at times and greater reliance on the feedback of others before pursuing your goals. You may cut corners and look for the easy way out or seek pleasure and avoid doing the proverbial ‘dirty work’ whether that involves addressing emotionally challenging situations or mundane tasks which aren’t as exciting and don’t lead to recognition or glory. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Average

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Sun in Aries, Ascendant in Libra and Sun in House 8

You are dynamic and passionate. You courageously pursue your ambitions and will not let anyone dissuade you from your goals.

You are fiercely determined and may become obsessively focused at times thanks to Sun in Aries amplified by the Sun’s placement in the eighth house where Mars is co-ruler. Softening some of the intense Sun in Aries in the 8th house energy is Libra Ascendant. Libra brings loving, harmonious feminine energy to balance out the more assertive and at times aggressive Aries influences.

You are motivated to delve beneath the surface and reveal hidden truths. You may not always realize it, but Sun in Aries in the 8th house prompts you to deconstruct everything and everyone around you. You may become intensely focused on your partner and their financial or material status.

Others may be both charmed and intimidated by you as you probe beneath the surface and reveal what others may have been trying to keep hidden. With maturity you can develop graceful ways to help people see beneath their own defenses. Until diplomacy is mastered however, you may end up piercing through the defenses of those around you.

Libra Rising gives you a loving nature and desire for harmony and balance, yet with Aries Sun in the eighth house, you are likely to seek comfort, beauty and luxury through material connection to others and perhaps become comfortable protecting the material resources of others but also feeling entitled to these resources.

You are seductive and attractive to others yet you may have numerous secret selves which you don’t reveal to the public. You are obsessive at times and may become fixated on sexual exploration, metaphysics, death, the afterlife and even taboo subjects. You want to not only expose hidden truths and esoteric teachings but also give these concepts equal consideration, as if you are bringing to light alternative beliefs and practices or taboo beliefs around death, sex and spirituality, bringing these concepts into balance with mainstream concepts.

Libra Ascendant helps you to express yourself in diplomatic ways. Partnerships are a source of strength and motivation and you may be motivated by the needs of partners or society.

When not balanced, this influence combined with Sun in Aries in the 8th house can result in jealousy, obsessiveness and manipulation of others to try to get your way, in particular to gain financial support or for sexual gratification. As much as you can be motivated and energized to follow your instincts in your quest to uncover hidden truths, you can also potentially become complacent, expecting others to take care of you or avoiding directly facing conflicts in relationships, instead becoming passive aggressive. Rarity of this Sun-Ascendant and Sun in House combination: Rare

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