Eros in the houses: In what area of your life you express your sexual desire and obsession?

Eros-12-Harm.jpg Eros in the 1st house

You may feel like you become infatuated with everyone you meet.

Love at first sight seems very real to you, though often it is lust. Your instincts and impulses lead you to feel aroused in relationships, often in the earliest stages of an encounter.

When it comes to exploring sexuality, you may be turned on by expressing your desires in athletic or obvious ways. You will blatantly chase your love interest.

You may also have an aggressive or controlling side when it comes to sex. You radiate passion and sexuality and may have a fun and playful side that emerges in the bedroom.

You can be turned on by competition or even confrontation and may pick fights just for the sake of arousal from the attention others show you. You may find it easy to jump into sexual relationships and are often careless when it comes to this kind of relationship.

Eros in the 2nd house

You may express your sexual interests through a connection to materialism.

You are turned on by luxury and enjoy being pampered in sexual relationships. You may try to hide or downplay your sexual potency but you can be a sensual and romantic person when you feel comfortable.

You don’t like to get involved in dramatic displays of sexuality and prefer it when your partner can be discreet and patient. You may be turned on by people who you believe can benefit you financially or in business.

When others show you admiration or praise, it’s a major turn on. You show your sexual attraction through assertiveness and by being confident in who you are and what you want.

You aren’t superficial yet you can be drawn to material wealth and physical beauty. You love to portray your personal strength and power as well.

Eros in the 3rd house

Your sexual attraction to others is expressed through communication and intellect.

You may idealize your sexual partners or enjoy fantasy based intimacy. Your sexual passions influence your language, writing and communication in general. You may be motivated by erotic obsession to learn new things or expand your social network.

You may also find yourself fascinated by those in your peer network or circle of friends. Your arousal for may involve fantasies of being with two partners at the same time. You are also likely to be turned on by voyeurism or watching erotic material rather than participating personally.

Literature may turn you on and you may enjoy being read to by your partner. You may also be aroused by hearing the sound of your partner’s voice or by erotic talk or whispering.

Learning from a partner or teaching a partner new things can also open the doors to erotic experiences and personal satisfaction for you.

Eros in the 4th house

You can be turned on by connection to home and by emotional security.

When others show vulnerability and emotion, it is a key that unlocks your erotic attraction and allows your passions to spill over as well. You are easily drawn to show affection and nurturing to your sexual partner.

You may also be aroused by those who are nurturing of others. You may be obsessed with lovers who remind you of early caregivers as well.

Though you seem shy when it comes to sexuality, you actually have much passion and emotion to share and this emerges through intimacy only when you are feeling deeply emotionally connected and secure.

You show your erotic fascination with others by trying to act as a nurturer or caretaker. You may look out for more than just the sexual needs of your romantic partner and may also cook or care for them as an intimate act.

Eros in the 5th house

You may have a strong desire for creativity, passion and playfulness.

You are obsessively drawn to romantic partners who lift you up and inspire you. You may also pursue romantic affairs, especially to boost your self-esteem. You can have a dramatic style of showing your love and romantic nature.

You can become aroused by playful competition and may have a desire for drama and role playing in the bedroom as well. Your desire to be admired and adored can be an infatuation. You may also have fetishes involving recording love making or creating erotic art with yourself as the main subject.

You may need to feel empowered in your erotic relationships and may have a dominant style of passionately pursuing your love interests.

You can also be obsessed with status and power in romantic affairs that give you the image of being a celebrity or increase your popularity.

Eros in the 6th house

Your everyday routines can be a source of erotic fascination for you.

You may be easily seduced by someone at your work or become fascinated by the idea of having an affair in the office or in the midst of conducting your daily tasks.

You may also be attracted to the idea of a romantic affair in a health related setting or a fantasy involving a doctor or nurse/patient relationship.

You can be turned on by details of someone’s body or by the mechanics of lovemaking more than the entire act itself. If there are certain aspects of sexuality that appeal to you, you may research extensively and work to perfect your techniques.

You are cautious about sexual encounters though and are always mindful of risk and infection. As a result, you may prefer fetishes involving things other than contact with another’s body.

Eros in the 7th house

You are obsessed with the idea of the ideal romantic partner.

Any actual partner may not match your fantasy image and this can lead you to become frustrated with a significant long term partner. You may feel that your life is not complete unless you are involved in a romantic affair.

Yet when you become intimate with someone, all of the harsh realities of intimacy and relationship can cast a dark cloud over your fairy tale fantasy image of love.

You glorify beauty and romance and may lose patience for partners who are too real and less ideal.

You may also feel great admiration for partners who portray a certain image of beauty that you hold up as ideal. You may become obsessed with the idea of the perfect partner and try to turn your partner into a more romanticized version of themselves so they fit your image.

Eros in the 8th house

You express your sexual interests in powerful ways.

You may need to feel like the authority figure in sexual encounters. You may also use sexual exploration as a means or rebirth and transformation. You are excited by some level of risk taking.

Taboo expressions of sexuality are also appealing to you. Obsessive and deeply erotic relationships appeal to you. You may be intense and determined to explore sexuality with partners who make you feel like you are being profoundly transformed.

You may also use sex as a way to find power and control. Your approach to sexuality can be possessive and you may be drawn to dominating your partner.

You may also be aroused by sexual experiences that blur the line between pleasure and pain. You may feel excited by combining sexuality and the occult or supernatural.

Your sexual interests may also be fueled by desire for deep levels of intimacy and intuitive, emotional connection.

Eros in the 9th house

You have an idealistic style of expressing your erotic nature.

Your sexuality is expressed through your desire for intimacy with a vast array of different partners. You may become bored easily with just one partner. You also may fetishize people from different cultures or some aspects of different cultures.

You easily fantasize about your love interests and may have a strong desire for adventure as part of your sexual exploration. You may find legs to be particularly erotic.

You may also have a desire to explore sexuality in many locations around the world. Poetry, culture and the arts appeal to your sexual desires. You may also have fantasies about erotic encounters in institutions of higher learning or involving people who are established gurus or academic leaders.

New information and new settings arouse your passions. You may have an erotic attraction to mentors or teachers in your life as well.

Eros in the 10th house

Your desires and sexual arousal is expressed through attraction to those in your career field.

You may have fantasies about erotic experiences with colleagues or leaders in your career. You may also have erotic fantasies about sexual encounters at the office.

You are aroused by material success and wealth. You may also have a fetish for people much older than you. You may have traditional views and values when it comes to sexuality.

At the same time, you want your sexual power and attraction energy to be recognized. You may easily display your sexual interests and erotic energy to the public. You may show your sexual interests and exploits publicly.

Public affairs, public scandal involving sexual encounters or having sex in public places may be arousing for you. You can be discreet about your sexual experiences, but you are also likely to flaunt your encounters, especially if it helps your status or image.

Eros in the 11th house

Your sexual interests are varied and surprising.

You may be aroused by any number of things and your erotic fantasies may change one day to the next. You may have fantasies about having erotic encounters with numerous partners at once or about taboo sexual encounters.

You may be surprising and even extreme as your desires are unconventional and challenge the status quo. You may also have an intense desire for sexual exploration.

Your passions are triggered by intellectual connection and you may feel an intense connection to someone you just met, intuitively drawn to a partner without being able to explain why.

Even though you have a healthy sexual appetite, you aren’t out to use erotic connection as a form of emotional bonding. In fact you can be independent or even indifferent about your sexual encounters.

You may use sexual exploration as a form of experimentation and test your own (and your partners’) boundaries.

Eros in the 12th house

You are compassionate and empathic in your approach to sexuality. You have a spiritual and empathic approach to erotic expression.

You may have a deep desire to explore mind altering substances or transcendental meditative states as a means of achieving sexual fulfillment as well. You may feel like sex is a way to lose yourself in connection with others.

For you, sexuality can be both an obsession or addiction but also a way to find healing and transcendence.

Your desire to explore fantasy, role playing or the use of costumes or disguises during sexual encounters is strong and can distract from the emotional connection. You may also become obsessed with partners and fall prey to seeing illusions rather than seeing who your partner really is.

You can have desires for people who are toxic to you. You may also sabotage yourself through unhealthy sexual connections with others, getting into a martyr role or losing your foundation in sexual relationships.

When you are mindful of healing, you can also find greater transcendence and spiritual connection through sexuality as well.

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