Transiting Neptune on natal Eros

    By 12andus

    Neptune-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Eros

    You may now find it easy to become infatuated by someone who is dreamy, sensitive and artistic.

    Your erotic nature may be triggered by a sense of spiritual and emotional connection to someone you are also physically attracted to. In fact, during this time there will be no such thing as a strictly physical attraction. You’ll likely feel like you need both spiritual and emotional connection in order to become aroused and feel sexually satisfied.

    You may also become obsessed and infatuated with the idea of changing your state of consciousness. This is an ideal time to delve into exploring spiritual aspects of sexuality and sensuality. This can be a great time to channel erotic energy as a source of catharsis and arousal as well.

    You may fall prey to illusions regarding attraction and love now as well and may have a difficult time discerning reality from your fantasies. You can find great pleasure in exploring romantic fantasies now as well.

    Transiting Neptune sextile natal Eros

    You may find it easy to express your fantasies and sexual desires.

    Though you can still tell the difference between fantasy and reality, your sexual and sensual fantasies can become strong and compelling now. You may feel inclined to lock the doors and lose yourself in a romantic and erotic connection with the person you desire now. You can almost tune out all of reality when you’re in the presence of your love interest during this time.

    This is an ideal time to explore your sexuality and sensuality in creative and artistic ways.

    The idea of playing a role or dressing in costumes may also be arousing and exciting to you now as well as it helps you to explore different aspects of who you are.

    Transiting Neptune square natal Eros

    During this time you may find it challenging to express your erotic desires and build a romantic connection.

    Your compassion and trust may be misplaced and a relationship you assumed to be romantic and loving is slowly revealed to be more focused on sexuality. You may have some sense that you aren’t emotionally connecting with a romantic or intimate partner yet you don’t yet know how to overcome the challenges and hurdles you face.

    The tension and friction you now feel compels you to give greater focus to your need for pleasure but also for emotional connection. You can now find greater connection by working through this obstacle and finding greater clarity.

    Transiting Neptune trine natal Eros

    You may find it easy to express your romantic and erotic desires during this time.

    You may easily attract a partner who shares your infatuation. Creativity, spirituality and emotional connection all fuel your passions for sensual and erotic connection now as well.

    Your erotic desires may also take on a vague and abstract form, you may become enarmored with the feeling you get from being in the presence of your love interest but not fully see the boundaries in the relationship.

    This can be an important time to draw on your creativity and artistic nature so that you can share your desires and find deeper pleasure and connection with your love interest now as well.

    Transiting Neptune opposite natal Eros

    A love interest may become not only an infatuation but the focus of illusions as you become completely absorbed by the relationship.

    You may assume that your desire is requited and have difficulty discerning fantasy from reality now. Confusion, delusions and self-deception can all lead you to become entangled in a web of emotion and excitement.

    You may feel you’ve found your “Soul Mate” when in fact you are actually assigning spiritual significance to the urges and desires stemming from your sexual needs.

    Take the time to carefully consider the infatuation and obsessions that pull at your heartstrings now. It is highly likely that you can be susceptible to confusing erotic and romantic love now.

    Yet you can also come to appreciate the need for both erotic and romantic love, finding the right balance to then create complete satisfaction and connection with your partner.

    Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Eros

    During this time you may feel deeply connected to someone who is not available.

    You may have to take some time to discern between your erotic desires and fantasies and the emotional connection you long for. The reality you currently face doesn’t match your desires yet you may have to be patient and try to hold yourself to a higher standard.

    Don’t settle for a partner who fits an illusion when you have the opportunity to find a partner who can satisfy both your emotional and sensual needs.

    You may not fully believe in yourself or your ability to attract such a partner, but this is the time to work through insecurities and fears so that you will feel confident in your ability to explore both romantic and erotic, spiritual connection in the near future.

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