Transiting Saturn on natal Mercury: focusing your mental energy

focusing.pngTransiting Saturn conjunct natal Mercury

During this period your thoughts and mental energy might become rigid and critical, bringing you to narrow thinking.

You might find it difficult to communicate your thoughts and feelings and might isolate yourself from daily contacts.

However, it is a good time to concentrate your mental energy into a single task, because your analytical and critical qualities are now much more developed, but be careful to not narrow your view even more.

Now you want to seek mental stability instead of strong emotions or wide intellectual views.

Don't strain your mental energy too much, because the best projects were born from small, but focused ideas growing step by step.


Transiting Saturn sextile natal Mercury

You will enjoy high-focused mental energy to achieve your goals. You'll have a strong will to work with concentration, and want to pay attention to the smallest detail to achieve perfection.

This transit is also great for studies.

While it's a great time for the professional field, be careful when making definitive decisions on the financial side by investing only in what you have thoroughly examined.

Remember: focus is important, but we must always be open to new experiences and new ways of seeing the world.
Being critical is useful if it doesn't turn into narrow thinking.


Transiting Saturn square natal Mercury

People will question what you say, think and believe. Or you might have troubles with studies and intellectual goals.
As much as it causes discouragement, don't let it affect you and make you sad.

During this time your ideas unconsciously might have become rigid and narrow to protect your accurately constructed beliefs.

Look for the good side of criticism, some of it can be constructive, and used it to improve your life. If you ignore it, you may feel mentally frustrated.


Transiting Saturn trine natal Mercury

Your mind will be working very efficiently. It's a great time for anything that requires mental organization, thinking and focus.

It is a good period for any kind of deep study, except those involving creativity or emotional inspiration.

During this time, your mental skills can be applied to something very practical and long-lasting. You have a broad view of your plans, but at the same time you can take care of the small details with concentration and dedication.


Transiting Saturn opposite natal Mercury

You may find it difficult to communicate with other people, because they might disagree with you. This will create self-doubt on the credibility of your ideas, but try to use such disagreements to question and refine your beliefs.

Many challenges will come, and you might feel depressed because of your mental rigidity. Determination and stubbornness are different things.

Learn from your mistakes and try to accept the opinions of someone else when it's constructive.

You might feel isolated in your intellectual views and you might suffer for lack of communication, but this period also gives you the needed determination and concentration to turn your ideas into something real.

The image here is that of a scientist working alone on his projects.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Mercury

A lesson in the consequences of hasty words and reckless actions may be in order at this time. You may be forced to slow down and reconsider your views, plans and communication with others.

You may also have to initiate discussions of a more serious nature, or make plans for tedious, mundane or uncomfortable future events such as end of life care or insurance plans. While your mind may want to dart to more interesting and stimulating subjects, you will be repeatedly pulled back to deal with the tasks at hand.


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