Your personalized 2020 horoscope


As a new year approaches, we have been preparing your personalized horoscope for the next year. The 2020 horoscope will be in 6 parts.

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Drawing from the natal chart, you can learn how the transiting planets affect various areas of your life.

Discover what opportunities await you by looking at Jupiter's transits, obstacles and limitations revealed by Saturn's transits, unexpected, dramatic changes from Uranus' transits, the potential healing or illusions brought out by Neptune's transits, where deep transformations will occur through Pluto's transits and karmic opportunities and lessons revealed through the True Lunar Node's transits.

Though the general ‘sun sign’ horoscopes are packed with useful information, they are only the tip of the iceberg. The gifts of Astrology extend much farther than this. You can take a deeper look at opportunities and challenges during the coming year!

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The second part of your personalized horoscope can shed light on the potential drawbacks you may face based on Saturn transiting your natal chart.

Saturn has the complicated job of helping to restore order and teach lessons about discipline. Saturn helps to reveal limitations and areas needing work and perseverance. Saturn is also associated with timing and Karmic lessons and can help you ground your plans and create solid foundation. These transits will help you tend to practical details so that you can manifest your dreams in reality and achieve success in the long term.

The third part of your personalized 2020 horoscope shows which surprises are in store for the next year by looking at the impact of unexpected changes will be based on your natal chart.

Uranus is unpredictable but examining this planet’s movement and aspects to your natal chart, a better understanding of breakthroughs, windfalls and opportunities to break barriers will occur. In contrast to Saturn’s association with limitations, Uranus shows where and how you are likely to blast through limitations.

In part four of your personalized 2020 horoscope we will expose the illusions you may be hiding behind by examining Neptune's transits on your natal chart.

Neptune’s transits help you find deeper emotional and spiritual connection while also strengthening your intuition. Learn where you will find greater connection with others and advance on your spiritual path, or fall into escapism and self-delusion if you are not careful.

In the fifth section of your personalized 2020 horoscope, you can delve into understanding of the deep transformation on your path for the year by exploring Pluto’s motion in relation to your chart.

Pluto triggers your deep seated fears and insecurities, unearthing subconscious issues that need to be cleared or dealt with. Pluto is also associated with initiation and rebirth.

Finally, we show the True Lunar's node transits. This is a key point involving Karma and completion of your destiny by expanding beyond your comfort zone.

Transit reports are detailed and comprehensive, so that you receive the best personalized horoscope. With 365 daily transits on your natal chart calculated, you can receive a personalized forecast. We also analyze your natal chart to provide the most important transits which will have the biggest impact on your natal chart planets and houses. houses.

Transits influence mostly your perception and beliefs, which in turn can impact how you respond to events. Transits can expose aspects of your psyche that you are not consciously aware of. They can also trigger underlying patterns and predispositions based on your birth chart.

As an example, when Jupiter transits in an easy aspect with your natal Moon, you might become more optimistic and feel luckier and more inclined to nurture your bigger dreams. When Neptune transits on your natal Mars, you might become more passive, compassionate and spiritual or may have difficulty asserting yourself without feeling guilty because of empathy for others.

The biggest gift of astrology is deeper self awareness. By accepting the conscious and unconscious drives and personal patterns, you can achieve a higher level of understanding of yourself and other.

At 12andus' we believe in extending beyond the “Sun Sign” horoscope. Our horoscopes require a complex process by which the natal chart and transiting planets are analyzed.

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