The personalized 2018 horoscope is ready: which development and limitations for the year?

2018.jpg On the new enhanced “Horoscopes and birth chart's answers” section in the Astro Reports page, we developed a personalized 2018 horoscope by considering Jupiter's and Saturn's transits on your natal chart. And it's free for every registered user.

Traditionally, Jupiter was considered a positive planet while Saturn was regarded as unfavorable. Jupiter represents the expansion opportunities, while Saturn expresses the opposite limiting nature.

We need to balance both energies in order to grow in a harmonic way. Expansion for the sake of expansion becomes inflation and uncontrollable swelling, while limitations, as in the banks of a river, allow water to flow to the larger sea.

We calculate 365 daily transits on your natal planets and houses and infer the most important ones by comparing each daily transit with your natal chart planets, aspects and houses.

Then we extrapolate the most important transits for the year and infer the most meaningful planetary influences according to your chart.

Horoscopes are based on transits. The planets transiting on a personalized natal chart pinpoint times that are more fitting for certain actions, events and inner states and less fitting for others.

Transits act mostly on your inner attitudes, which in turn determine much of the outer happenings. Transits reveal and trigger parts of your psyche that previously might have been stayed in the shadows. Transits can release what was already in you according to your birth chart.

As an example, when Pluto transits in aspect with your natal Moon, you might become aware of your deep feelings about control or power issues.

"Orb" is the distance from the exact aspect. For instance, if Pluto transits at 93 degrees from the natal Moon, we say that the orb is 3 degrees from an exact square aspect.

Astrologers use different values for the orbs. At 12andus we embrace larger orbs in our calculations. We think that the effects of an aspect can be felt even when the aspect is relatively far from the exact one.

However, we consider the aspects with large orbs as much weaker, so they won't probably show up in the most important aspects for the horoscopes. We sort the transits by importance. You will read the most important transits first.

The main functions of astrology and transits is to be more aware of yourself, by seeing, recognizing and accepting the various shades of your soul.

12andus' yearly horoscope is not an ordinary and useless "sign" horoscope. Our horoscopes require long and complex processes.

12andus calculates the transits for each day of the year and compares each daily transit with your natal chart planets, aspects and houses. Then, we extrapolate the most important transits for the period and infer the most meaningful planetary influences according to your chart.

In a year there's a high number of transits occurring on a natal chart. Not every one is important. The goal is to filter the non-important ones according to the individual natal chart. We take into consideration a high number of parameters to choose the transits worth to mention for the year.

The picked transits are based on the relative strength of the transiting aspects during the whole period. For instance, if Jupiter is transiting conjunct to the natal Sun, but the conjunction is far from the exact aspect, then the influence will be weaker, and it might be that it won't even show up in the horoscope.

If Jupiter moves closer to the Sun, then the aspect will slowly gain strength and will raise in the score of the most important transits.

In case of yearly forecast, even weak aspects will pile up in time, especially in case of slower planets. As an example, if Saturn transiting becomes opposite to the natal Moon, this aspect on average is going to be active for longer time than an opposition between slower Jupiter transiting opposite to the Natal Moon. “On average” because planets can move retrograde (backward) and stay for longer time in certain areas of the zodiac.

By seeing transits in a broader yearly view, then even weak transits, when long-lasting, might slowly collect strength and become important transits for the year.

As the slow dripping water in a cave will form stalactites, the influence of the outer planets slowly morphs our life.

To calculate the power of a transit on a birth planet, we also take into consideration the power of the original planet in the birth chart. For instance, if Jupiter is dominant in your natal chart's and Saturn is a weak planet in your chart, the transiting planets aspecting your natal Jupiter will be for you more significant than the transits on your natal Saturn.

And also, we take into consideration whether a transit mirrors an aspect that was present in the natal chart. For instance, if your natal chart displays an aspect between the Sun and Jupiter, a Jupiter transit on your Sun will be more effective.

Furthermore, we consider whether the transiting planets are in signs compatible with the planet's nature and in which natal house they happen to be (and how was the role on such natal house in the natal chart).

12andus' horoscopes are accurately personalized by highlighting the most influential transits on your natal chart for the period and their peak days. It took years of software development. And it is free for you.

Go to the Astro Reports page, select the box “Horoscopes and birth chart's answers” and click on the “Revel” button. You'll need to wait while 12andus calculates 365 daily transits on your natal chart. You might wait only for a few minutes if there aren't too many requests at the same time. Then you can read your personalized interpretations for the year.

We are working also on an extended yearly horoscope, and on monthly and daily horoscopes. We plan to release the monthly horoscopes in March 2018 and the daily horoscopes in June 2018.

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