Astrology forecasts and astrologers don't know what will actually happen to you

unknown And neither 12andus does. Then, is astrology just an elaborate scam running for thousands of years? Many people say so, but in my experience, shared by many others, astrology actually works.

However, it doesn't work the way most people think. Astrology forecasts by symbolically mirroring the planets and signs in our psyche. This might be reflected as well in real life events, though mainly as consequences of our inner states.

Since we are talking about symbolic events, those are very hard to forecast even for the best astrologers. Astrologers can sometimes approximate a prediction of an actual life event, but the analogical-symbolic energies of the universe are too varied and creative to be forecast by the mind of an astrologer and much less by a software.

However, the symbolical energies can be understood and forecast. For instance, a transit of Saturn on Venus will bring Saturn's characteristics as perseverance, stability, maturity, and realism to the love life. This might translate in different life happenings, as in marriage, having a relationship with an older person, a cooling of passion, becoming more responsable and dedicated to our partner, or even sculpting or managing the finances of a museum. Even though the astrological houses where the transit happens might restrict Saturn's action in certain areas of life, the actual possibilities are endless and basically unknown.

The words mystic and mysterious share the same roots. The mystic state is one of deep unknowing. The mind and the ego don't accept the unknown; they want to know because the unknown state feels threatening for their very existence.

What we can know and learn from the transiting planets is becoming aware of the inner states triggered by the planets, recognizing and accepting those states as part of who we are. 12andus infers the inner qualities activated by the natal chart, by the transits and by the relationship charts. Knowing the qualities, or archetypes that are more active in our psyche at a certain moment, will expand our awareness toward a better understanding of ourselves, thus improving our life choices.

The more aware we became, the less we are subject to act mechanically and unconsciously. This is the paradox of astrology. The less we know about ourselves, the more astrology can influence our lives. The more aware we are, the less we are subject to any influence. Awareness brings freedom.

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