Is our personality defined by the birth chart?

personality-astrology-640.jpg According to astrologers, our personality, with our positive and problematic traits, our reactions, preferences and attitudes are mirrored by the astrological birth chart.

We shouldn't forget that the birth chart is much more then the sign. Astrology based on signs belongs only to the entertainment area. However, by analyzing the overall individual planets positions, aspects and houses we can read a person with a certain degree of depth.

Then if astrology, according to astrologers, defines who we are, does it mean that there's no more free will? Are we trapped inside the birth chart with no possibility to set a different direction for our life? Not really.

As an example, our physical and somehow also our personality traits are shaped by our genes. We can't do much about having black or green eyes or a certain height, apart from wearing colored contact lenses or high heels. Our genes limit our expression inside the borders of what's possible due to our genetic imprinting, but nobody would say that we aren't free because of that.

We find our life path according to our unique characteristics which include our genetic imprinting and our astrological traits. As genes can be activated or silenced according to our diet, lifestyle and supplements, our astrological traits can take a certain road according to our level of awareness.

Having certain traits defined by our astrological chart doesn't prevent us from choosing. Yes, we will run our life according to our specific astrological qualities but this doesn't mean any less freedom of choice.

Let's say a chart portrays a person as being quick, restless, but at the same time highly sensitive, and also power oriented. Those traits will for sure both cooperate and collide in life, as for instance in protecting sensitivity through reaching a position of power, or escaping emotionally hurtful situations by restlessly moving from one thing to the other.

But this doesn't deny managing power in a sensitive and compassionate way, or using sensitivity to accept and be compassionate of the restlessness and confused inner states.

Free will is proportional to the level of our awareness, which is beyond our personality. Awareness is the bridge connecting the mind to the spiritual level. A reptile’s awareness is just about eating, surviving, and reproducing (mmm sounds common to a number of humans also). A spiritually evolved human being adds love, understanding, and awareness.

If we think that all we are is defined by our external personality and by what happens in our outer life, then astrology represents a cage. But if we accept who we are and use our unique astrological traits to reach deeper states of being, then it doesn't feel like a limitation.

Actually, by acting inside certain borders, we can express ourselves at our best. As the water in the river won't flow without the riverbanks, the river of life won't flow without structure and limitations (Saturn would certainly agree!)

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