Human astrologers and 12andus' reports

Ptolemy Astrology Is 12andus' astrological calculation of your traits more precise than a human astrologer interpretation?

The answer is both “yes and no”. A human astrologer can never calculate the astrological elements and their relationships with such accuracy. At 12andus we defined thousands of values according to the most detailed personalized astrological aspects. Each of those values contributes to draw the picture of the person's qualities.

But we are talking about software. For as much as complex and accurate a program might be, and even in the case of artificial intelligence techniques, it still lacks the human factors, as sensitivity, intuition and human experience, which fortunately haven't been (yet) sequestrated by technology.

12andus adds a new dimension to the astrological software. After calculating the positions of the charts (natal, transit, composite or synastry charts), we elaborate the data much further.

First, we give a score for each single aspect, planet, and house position by weighting a large number of parameters as the signs and houses occupied by the planets, the type of aspect, the distance to the exact aspect, the relative importance of the planet in such position and other parameters.

Thus we score the importance of each planet, aspect, house and sign. This is very valuable information about the person, which in itself can give many hints about the direction of the energy driving the person.

But 12andus goes even further than this. We collect each of those elements into personality traits according to the thousands of datasets we defined. Those traits can be harmonic or conflictual, and each of them can score high or low for any individual person. The outcome is a detailed picture of the person's traits, feelings, and predispositions.

This knowledge is most valuable for understanding and accepting ourselves and the people we know, and might also represent a base for deepening our understanding with or without the support of a professional astrologer.

Since the late '70s, astrologers have used computers for calculating the positions of the charts. Then on the base of those calculations, they add their interpretations and give consultations to their clients. An astrological session with a professional astrologer can be a life changing experience.

12andus' calculations and a professional astrologer can thus complement each other, combining the best of the digital and the human skills.

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