What to expect from an astrological reading

Ptolemy It’s probably my non-diplomatic Mars and Uranus in Leo which loves to rant, that guides my writing, but let's say it clearly from the beginning: an astrologer's job is not to make people happy yet, all too often, I read horoscopes which are just plain flattering.

Also an astrologer's job is not to give “hope” in the sense that it gives expectations, and it should not even scare people. Blind hope and fear make people concentrate on the outcome instead of looking into themselves. Also, fear and hope make people more vulnerable and therefore easier to manipulate.

An astrologer's job is also not to entertain or amaze you. While popular astrology which is based on signs is mostly known for its entertaining qualities, astrology is as deep as Jungian psychology. Of course, we can use humour and have fun with astrology, but with the knowledge that there are deeper layers.

Being entertained, scared, flattered, amazed or giving attention prevalent to future life events, all carry attention away from you. Bringing your attention out of yourself by carrying your attention to a different agenda is the technique that advertisers and pickpockets (and politicians) all use. It shouldn't be an astrologer’s job.

The astrologer’s job, like a Zen teacher, is to relentlessly bring you back to yourself, mirroring questions such as “When will I get married?” with the question “What do you feel about marriage?” while considering the client's Sun, Moon, Venus, 7th house and their aspects.

Maybe, seeing the client's Sun position, would suggest that she identified with her father's concern for social status connected to marriage, whilst her Venus in Aquarius, 7th house in Sagittarius and Moon in Aries scream for living an adventurous and varied life.

Or, when hearing questions like “Will I become rich?” an astrologer should explore the inner reasons why the inquirer wants to become rich. By understanding the person's connection between money, feeling safe, feeling supported or feeling worth, the Sun, Moon, Jupiter positions, and the 2nd/8th houses axis might reveal more about the person's feelings and motivations about money.

Actually, being an astrologer is not even a job, nor is it a profession. We can't make a profession out of something which is similar to art and poetry. By the way, in my opinion, being an artist should also not be considered a profession.
Art and creativity are inside of us and can be brought into play in any profession but, in themselves, they are like enzymes triggering chemical reactions. Discreet and not invasive but essential for the result.

I don't even define myself as an astrologer. I'm a researcher of human beings who found in astrology a fascinating system for understanding who we are. I apply astrological knowledge, along with other paths of human understanding, as the psychological and spiritual traditions.

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