As more we become aware as less we are impacted by our natal chart

awareness.jpg One of the typical questions asked by people, when they get an astrological reading is: “So my natal chart influences my life in a way that I cannot be anything different? Is my fate predestined?” As I wrote in one of my previous post, the answer is “yes and no” (mostly no).

Our personality, attitudes and traits, according to astrology, are shaped by our birth chart. Also, our genetic imprinting shapes our physical attributes, our metabolism, our predispositions to diseases and also part of the psychological traits. We know now that our genes can be activated or shut off by a number of factors, among others by diet and by environment.

Even knowing that our genes determine much of what we are, we don't feel we are living just mechanically, programmed by our genes. If we are conscious of our genetic imprinting and our health weaknesses, in most of the cases, we can minimize the health risks by adopting a certain lifestyle and diet.

As well, by expanding our awareness of our astrological chart, by accepting it and knowing the nature of the different actors playing on our psyche, we expand the number of our choices and ultimately we are more free to express ourselves.

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