The benefits of knowing our birth chart and traits

Knowing our positive and problematic astrological traits through a site like 12andusbirth chart or an astrological reading will provide a number of benefits.

First, we can recognize parts of ourselves in the reading. There might be “aha” moments, sudden realization and insights about a number of our characteristic which were maybe kept in the dark or not accepted.

Even positive traits might have been hidden, as in the case of a person who identifies with its competitive and bold qualities while ignoring the soft and tender ones.

After we recognize better who we are, the next step is to accept ourselves. Astrology gives the chance to accept every part of ourselves without judgments. We can even accept the parts which are in conflict with each other, reflecting the conflicting astrological aspects in our chart (squares, oppositions and some conjunctions).

For instance, if a person has a square aspect between Mercury and Mars, the mental/verbal energy will be connected in an unbalanced way with the competitive/fighting energy. This might give a poorer control to the verbal outburst. Knowing this and accepting it, we can choose different outcomes.

First, we can choose to be supported by other kind of energies in our birth chart. Let's say there's also a strong Saturn in the 10th house, supporting patience and perseverance in the professional and career fields. For such a person, most probably Saturn would control the verbal impulsiveness when it comes to career. We might “borrow” Saturn skills whenever we feel that Mercury and Mars are taking too much space.

Second, we can transform such verbal eruptions in a more constructive and less harmful way, as in ranting through writing. Also such unbalanced mental energy might be released through gibberish meditation, which is a way to empty the mind by saying nonsense sounds and words, in a non-existent language. It really works.

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    • Tinylittlewars

      Good points, although there are so many more that can be made, and ideally far more profound processes occurring as well.. The birth chart is one of numerous tools available that we can use to enhance our self-awareness and aid in personality integration/positive self-development (& a powerful one!), but it can also make us aware of how planetary energies influence lives on a bigger scale, providing much insight into humanity's role in the cosmos, the role we play as individuals within the larger whole of society (rather than merely using it as a parlor game or to bolster or own egos), as well as inspiring thought on important topics such as science, religion, & philosophy, free will vs. fate, nature vs. nurture, how much control we have over our life paths, relationships, etc. and to what extent we can overcome limitations and embrace the best of all the zodiac signs.. Unfortunately it seems people often use astrology in a cookie cutter fashion to assign definitive yet over generalized character traits to themselves and others (I'm a Leo so I love to be center of attention, he has Mars in picses so he must be lazy, oh we're both Air signs so we'll be great friends! .. blah blah). We should always strive to remember that the essence of astrology is deeper and much more esoteric than such fluff, that way we get the most out of its study both personally and universally.