Your 2019 horoscope, personalized according to your natal chart


We are approaching the end of the year and preparing your personalized horoscopes for 2019 in 5 parts.

As a registered user you can read your personalized 2019 horoscope on the new “2019 Horoscopes” section in the Reports page.

Learn how the transiting planets affect your life based on your natal chart. We will show you what your opportunities will be through Jupiter's transits, your limitations by Saturn's transits, the year's surprises from Uranus' transits, the potential illusions brought on by Neptune's transits and where you will experience deep changes through Pluto's transits.

There is much more to learn about your life path than what you read about in the generic “sun sign” horoscopes, as these are limited, only considering the placement of one planet. Astrology has so much more to offer, and now you can take a deeper look at the year ahead!

The first horoscope in the series has just been posted. Learn about the opportunities for expansion and luck in 2019 as Jupiter transits your natal chart.

Premium members can access the 2019 horoscope for any person in their birth data list. Ordinary members can access the horoscopes for themselves only.

The second part of your personalized horoscope for 2019 will be released in a few days. This horoscope will shed light on the potential limitations you may face this year based on Saturn transiting your natal chart.

Saturn helps to restore order and discipline, showing you obstacles on your path so you can build a solid foundation. These limitations can be frustrating, but Saturn is a great Karmic teacher who helps you ground your plans in reality. These transits will help you discover how to improve your awareness of reality so you can be more successful in the long run.

For the third part of your personalized 2019 horoscope we are going to reveal which surprises are in store for the next year with unpredictable Uranus' transits your natal chart.

Uranus brings unexpected breakthroughs, windfalls and opportunities to break outside of the box. After reading about limitations brought on by Saturn’s influence, learn about opportunities to transcend boundaries and obstacles with the help of Uranus.

In the fourth part of your personalized 2019 horoscope we will consider the illusions you may be exposed to by examining mystical Neptune's transits on your natal chart.

Neptune’s transits help you merge with others on your spiritual quest and heightens your intuition. Learn where you will find connection with others and experience spiritual awakenings, or fall prey to illusions if you are not careful.

In the fifth and final part of your personalized 2019 horoscope we will reveal where deep transformation awaits on your path for the year by exploring revolutionary Pluto transits on your natal chart.

Pluto helps you excavate what has been hidden beneath the surface, so you can clear old patterns and experience powerful change and rebirth.

To give you the best personalized horoscope, we provide detailed information. We will calculate 365 daily transits on your natal chart. Then we infer the most important features components by comparing each daily transit with your natal chart planets, aspects and houses.

Horoscopes are based on the planets transiting on individual charts. This means that as each planet moves in its orbit, it triggers a reaction based on its placement in relation to the planets, signs and houses in your natal chart.

Transits influence mostly your psyche, which in turn affect how you respond to situations in your life. Transits reveal and trigger parts of your psyche that you may not have been aware of consciously. They can trigger inner predispositions according to your birth chart.

As an example, when Pluto transits in aspect with your natal Moon, you might become aware of your deep feelings about emotional control or power issues. Or when Neptune transits on your natal Mercury, you might discover that you have an intuitive mind.

The main function of astrology and transits is to be more aware of yourself, by acknowledging and accepting the totality of your psyche.

12andus' yearly horoscope is far from being a "sign" horoscope. Our horoscopes require a complex process.

In a year there are a number of transits happening on a natal chart. Some are important and some not. Choosing the important transits according to the individual natal chart is what makes a horoscope valuable.

We take into consideration a number of parameters to decide which transits trigger the most important events, revelations and changes in your personal path.

We highlight key transits for your personal horoscope based on the relative strength of the transiting planet to your natal chart in a given time frame. For instance, if Uranus is transiting conjunct to your natal Moon, but the conjunction is far from the exact aspect, (meaning it is too far from your natal Moon to have a significant impact) then the influence will be weaker, and it may have virtually no influence in your horoscope.

If Uranus moves closer to the Moon, then the aspect will slowly gain strength and will raise in the score of the most important transits.

For a yearly forecast, even weak aspects will add up in time, especially in case of slower planets. As an example, if Pluto transiting lines up opposite to your natal Moon, this aspect on average is going to be active for longer time than an opposition between faster Jupiter transiting opposite to your Natal Moon. “On average” because planets can move retrograde (backward) and stay for longer time in certain areas of the zodiac.

Taking a broad yearly view of horoscopes, even weaker transits, when long-lasting, might slowly collect strength and become important transits for the year.

As the slow dripping water in a cave will form stalactites, the influence of the outer planets slowly morphs our life.

To calculate the power of a transit on a birth planet, we also take into consideration the power of the original planet in your birth chart. For instance, if Jupiter is dominant in your natal chart and Saturn is a weak planet in your chart, the transiting planets aspecting your natal Jupiter will be more significant than the transits on your natal Saturn.

Also, we take into consideration whether a transit mirrors an aspect that was present in the natal chart. For instance, if your natal chart displays an aspect between the Sun and Jupiter, a Jupiter transit on your Sun will be more powerful.

Furthermore, we consider whether the transiting planets are in signs compatible with the planet's nature and in which natal house they happen to be (and how was the role on such natal house in the natal chart).

12andus' horoscopes are accurately personalized by highlighting the most influential transits on your natal chart for the period. We also show which are the peak days for the transits.

Go to the Reports page, select the box “2019 Horoscopes” and click on the button. You'll need to wait while 12andus calculates 365 daily transits on your natal chart.

Wait time will depend on the volume of requests and may only be a couple of minutes. Once your personalized horoscope is complete, you can read your interpretations for the year.

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    • carlao

      Great work! Thank you so so so so much <3 :D

      • Aliya Rafikova
        Aliya Rafikova

        Hey there, I read this blog before registering and was hoping to read my 2019 report but am unable to see it when I go to reports. The only forecast reports I see are daily. Please let me know how I can access this information. It seems like there’s a lot going on for me lately.

        • Ivo-12andus founder
          Ivo-12andus founder

          hi Aliya, sorry, we disabled the 2019 horoscopes because we are already in March and the horoscopes are most useful and sought in December and January. We anticipated that we would allow the horoscopes only till end of February or so in one of our newsletters.
          However we'll introduce accurate daily horoscopes in a month or so, showing the interpretations of the transiting aspects on the natal chart planets and in the houses, so stay tuned for those new developments.

          • Mirabilis

            sometimes we like to read our annual horoscope again. Especially, when we have some life issue. For example, I don't even remember that I read my horoscope here.


            • Ivo-12andus founder
              Ivo-12andus founder

              hi Mirabilis. We are working on a new horoscope section with the interpretations of the daily transits on the natal chart, including the short term Moon transits. Maybe in a few weeks, if the transits will be favourable for launching this feature :)

              • Mirabilis

                Dear Ivo, thank you on your answer. There are always good transits ;).