Sun in Libra and Moon in Cancer

SunMoon-Libra-Cancer.jpg Sun in Libra and Moon in Cancer

Sun in Libra makes you sensitive, romantic and diplomatic. Your gentle, compassionate nature is enhanced further by Moon in Cancer. You are intuitive, emotionally sensitive and concerned with security.

You want others to get along and you love to be in love. You are also family oriented and have a strong connection to home and connection to your heritage. You can be intuitive and highly emotional.

You fall in love quickly and easily and may mistake infatuation for love. You are highly intellectual and social but also deeply emotional and vulnerable. You are romantic and sentimental and wear your heart on your sleeve.

You can be dreamy and idealistic. You are creative and may find artistic outlets to be helpful ways to channel your emotional energy. Others perceive you as beautiful and charming. You can be gentle and kind and easily appeal to others through compassion and diplomacy rather than aggression. You love making others feel at home. You easily attract partners and also business opportunities.

You can have solid instincts in romance, family and business matters. In business especially, you may be drawn to real estate, childcare, or businesses involving the beauty industry, wedding planning or building relationships.

You have a soft spot for the underserved and misunderstood. As a result you may be accommodating of others whom you perceive as having had a difficult life or those who are wounded. In your efforts to help others you may struggle to set boundaries that protect yourself. As a result you may vacillate between being too open and vulnerable and then shutting down and stifling your inner feelings.

You may eat or hoard money or food when emotionally upset and can easily become overwhelmed in the presence of chaos or aggressive people.

Sun in Libra sextile Moon in Cancer

Sun in Libra sextile Moon in Cancer creates balance between your peace-loving side and your deep emotional nature. You easily empathize with others and feel a deep need to nurture those you care about. You see others as family even if you don’t know them well. You are also romantic, social, charming and artistic.

Others are attracted to you and perceive you as beautiful. You are able to maintain a balance between your intellectual and emotional nature. You can filter your emotions and think things through rationally but at the same time you can show your nurturing side and express vulnerability.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Libra square Moon in Cancer

Sun in Libra square Moon in Cancer creates friction between your emotional nature and your ideals. You are romantic and caring but can be unrealistic. Your intuition is sensitive but you easily misconstrue your instincts, getting your intuition confused with emotions.

You seek security and crave the comforts of home. You want to create peace, beauty and harmony but can create more chaos because of lack of boundaries and too much people-pleasing that places others’ needs first.

You can become distracted by image and appearances and may feel insecure about your relationships regardless of the reassurances of others.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Libra trine Moon in Cancer

Sun in Libra trine Moon in Cancer creates a deeply nurturing, romantic personality. You are artistic, creative and diplomatic. You desire peace and security in your relationships. You love to be at home and consider others to be family.

You can be intuitive and highly sensitive. Rather than allowing your emotions or intuition to feed insecurities, you tend to trust your instincts and see emotions as important signals, not a burden to bear.

You easily attract friends, lovers and collaborators who help you in business and in your personal life. Even if you don’t have much in common with another, you are so kind, charming and loyal that you easily make friends and never make enemies.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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