Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Cancer

SunMoon-Scorpio-Cancer.jpg Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Cancer

Sun in Scorpio gives you powers of persuasion, intuition and a deep and probing intellect. Your Moon in Cancer adds to your intuitive nature and creates a nurturing, compassionate, giving personality.

You are highly emotional and attuned to people and situations around you. You are highly sensitive and can revert to trying to bury your emotions to protect your vulnerable side. You can appear cool and defensive on the outside but this is a rouse.

You are deeply empathic and real or perceived criticism from others has a profound impact on you. You are profoundly concerned about the well being of others and will become anxious and stressed about those you care about.

You may also frequently feel insecure about your own role in the lives of your loved ones. Any hint that you are being demoted, replaced or ignored will lead you to obsessively find a way to gain the attention and approval of others. Ironically, you will work hard to hide this fact.

You may become possessive and jealous in relationships but will try to maintain an upper hand, downplaying your fears. You approach your loved ones and love interests with an obsessive interest, like a detective or journalist researching everything possible about your subject.

You can be psychic and empathic but also moody with labile swings in emotion. You can be moved to anger, resentment, jealousy or euphoria at the drop of a hat. You are easily influenced by others’ feelings and this impressionability can lead you to react to others.

Your instincts for security can lead you to be shrewd in business and attentive to financial matters. To bolster your feelings you may fee the need to hoard money or alternately spend on comforts or obsess over your investments and net worth. You may be gifted as an entrepreneur or go into business.

Sun in Scorpio square Moon in Cancer

Sun in Scorpio square Moon in Cancer creates friction between your intuition and emotions and your logical, determined personality.

You are obsessed with finding out the truth in any situation but can become thrown off course by unresolved emotional issues and insecurities.

You may desire comfort and security but sabotage yourself because you don’t easily trust others. You may feel perpetually unable to relax and feel comfortable at home or with family because you are always searching out answers to mysteries, real or imagined.

You are highly sensitive but often misinterpret cues from others and this can also impact your ability to trust yourself.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Cancer

Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Cancer gives you heightened intuition and desire to nurture others. You are creative, compassionate and sensitive. You have a strong drive to protect your loved ones and establish a home base for yourself and others.

Your caring instincts and shrewd intuition can help you succeed in business and financial matters and you can also be a protective partner or parent.

Others are easily drawn to your warm, caring nature. Even when your emotions reach highs and lows you tend to be perceived as vulnerable and attractive rather than out of control. You may become a successful healer, artist or psychic.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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