Chiron - The Wounded Healer and Key to Intuitive Wisdom

    By 12andus

    chiron.jpg Chiron is an asteroid named for the Centaur in Greek Mythology who is known as the “Wounded Healer.”


    According to myths, while the Centaurs were generally known for bawdy, rowdy, passionate and lusty desires, Chiron was different.


    He was a more intellectual and thoughtful Centaur who was known to have special knowledge and wisdom on the healing arts.


    Being the philosopher and healer, he was sought out for help and advice. According to myth, he was injured by an arrow wound and could heal everyone else but himself. Eventually, he traded his immortality to spare the life of Prometheus.


    Thus Chiron is associated with special wisdom and sacrifice that comes from experiencing a wound or trauma, but also the path to overcome this trauma and in doing so, to heal others.


    In the Astrological chart, Chiron shows how we experience our core wounds and how we in turn lead others to find healing from similar wounds. Since we have intimate knowledge of the wound or trauma from Chiron, we are also intuitively aware of how those around us are suffering as well.


    We may feel spiritually linked to those who are suffering a similar fate and find ourselves in a good position to uplift, empower and heal others.


    Chiron also shows how we access our special intuition. It is associated with how we find our pathway to healing from the trauma or the wound. It is associated with healing that we must figure out for ourselves. Therefore it is often considered an area where we feel abandoned or left to our own devices.


    Chiron’s placement by sign and also by house in the Natal chart indicates what our core wound is about. This can be a wound related to an experience in this lifetime or even a wound we carry through lifetimes. It could be a wound that had no solid external basis.


    Chiron’s aspect to other planets also influences how this energy is expressed. For instance, someone with Chiron square Venus may grow up in poverty, leading to traumas and wounds related to value and self-worth and therefore have a definite external context for their pain and suffering.


    Or they can have a heightened self consciousness about body image and stability that is tied to social judgment or rejection or just a deeper inner feeling of anxiety or trauma about self-worth without a specific triggering issue that can be pinpointed.


    Someone with Chiron trine Mercury may have gone through a learning disability or speech related disability. Yet they may also simply have a deep inner insecurity or feeling of insufficiency when it comes to their communication style or ideas.


    The gift of Chiron’s placement shows the trauma or wound you need to contend with. You may need to work consistently throughout your lifetime to combat the deep inner feelings of insecurity or insufficiency created by Chiron’s placement.


    Whether a dramatic illness or wound or a vague feeling of having a proverbial thorn in your side regarding certain issues, you may need to consistently fight back against an internal doubt or fear that you aren’t good enough in some area.


    House placement also contributes deeper understanding. Chiron in the Tenth House can lead to a career choice that is influenced by the desire to help others struggling with similar wounds.


    In the Seventh House, Chiron can lead you to attract partners with similar wounds or even to try to save or rescue partners.


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