Chiron's transits: your healing journey in your life stages

chiron.jpgChiron, the wounded healer of the asteroids, indicates your unique wisdom and intuition.

Chiron shows how you are given a special perspective, hard won and the result of surviving past wounds and traumas.

Chiron in the Natal Chart shows how you are adept at healing those traits and wounds in others that you struggle to heal within yourself. Yet when Chiron transits your Natal Chart, you have a chance to awaken to your higher wisdom and intuition.

Chiron’s transits awaken special opportunities for healing. Of course, this doesn’t happen easily. Though smooth aspects between Transiting Chiron and key planets in your Natal Chart can emphasize awakenings and healing opportunities more than traumas and crises, often Chiron shows how we need greater healing.

Therefore, Chiron will touch on all our raw nerves. Unhealed wounds, old traumas and emotional baggage we haven’t dealt with will be dredged back up to awareness. You may either easily resolve and heal the wounds from your past.

You may also be awakened to your calling as a healer. You may think your old wounds are put to rest until a Chiron transit reveals your calling. Chiron transits can show how you need to show compassion to others who need to walk the path you’ve already walked.

This transit can also place you in an ideal position to be seen as a spiritual guru or mentor. The goal is not self-aggrandizement but rather is to complete your own healing process by giving back and being of service to others. 

During a Chiron transit, depending on the Sign and aspects to current planets and aspects to your Natal planets, your own potential for healing and to serve others is awakened. Though the path may be smooth or strenuous, retraumatizing or liberating, depending on the aspects to other planets.

For example, if Chiron makes a challenging aspect to one of your personal planets, you may have to revisit traumas you thought were safely buried. This is not for no reason, however. This is part of the process of helping you fulfill your mission and journey. 

Some wounds are more “quietly” healed than others though. During a transit that triggers old traumas, you may feel like your emotional reserves are being maxed out. You are being challenged to transform energy and make new meaning of your past wounds.

You may have to learn new ways to forge a path. Because you are “teaching yourself” a new way, you are better suited to teach others who are struggling along side you. You may also find opportunities to guide others even as you are still working on your own journey.

Chiron transits remind us that healing is often more a spiral than a matter of “coming full circle.” In this spiral, you reach new heights of awakening and growth. This helps you advance and lead others struggling with similar wounds and traumas.

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