Chiron in the Synastry Chart: How healing affects relationship

    By 12andus

    chiron.jpg Chiron is the Wounded Healer of the zodiac.

    Astrologers see Chiron as both the type of healing you most need and your struggle to heal the wound within yourself that you most easily help others to heal. Thus, Chiron is particularly helpful in the Synastry chart. 

    Often, a couple is drawn together not only because of love, attraction and romance, but also because of a Soul level desire to heal each other and help each other grow. Chiron’s placement in the Synastry chart speaks to this Soul Mate level connection.

    For instance, if your partner’s Chiron is in your Third House, they may struggle to articulate their ideas yet are the “key” you needed to find in order to help you open up about your ideas and better express yourself. 

    Lessons about communication and acceptance of each others’ ideas is likely. This relationship also offers the chance to heal old wounds related to understanding and being heard. 

    If your Chiron is in your partners First House, you may offer key wisdom and intuitive healing related to your partner’s self image or sense of identity.

    Though you may struggle to accept aspects of your identity, you can easily help your partner see their value and true nature. Without having all the answers for yourself, you can still be a wise and intuitive guide for your partner.

    Chiron in the synastry chart can also give insight into the nature of a Soul Mate relationship. Why does a certain partner keep showing up in your life, only to usher in an intense relationship in which the two of you stumble over the same key issues again and again? There may be an important feature related to Chiron. 

    Chiron, as his symbol suggests, is like a key. In relationships, Chiron functions as the missing piece that helps you to do for others what you struggle to do for yourself.

    Chiron also shows the ways in which your past wounds lead you to be more intuitive toward and sympathetic to the plight of your loved ones. You may have a deep inner recognition of certain traumas and wounds.

    Even if you haven’t yet mastered the process of recovering from certain wounds, you can see the path for your partner that you struggle to see for yourself. Therefore, Chiron helps partners mirror healing for themselves by seeing the best in each other. 

    This can work favorably for the relationship but also requires courage and honesty. If another’s Chiron related wounds are too much for you to see because you aren’t yet ready to acknowledge your own traumas, you may repeatedly suppress a wounded part of your partner because Chiron is triggering the potential growth you are not yet facing.

    When Chiron is in a favorable aspect in the synastry chart it can also help facilitate growth and healing in the relationship.

    For instance, if your Chiron is trine your partner’s Chiron, you easily facilitate healing in each other and each of you has special intuitive understanding of what each other really needs in order to overcome past wounds and thrive.

    Yet if your Chiron is square or opposite your partner’s Chiron, it may take some adjustment to get past old wounds and connect on a deeper level. You or your partner may have unhealed traumas that cause problems and create obstacles in the relationship. 

    This is still a positive thing because in choosing to address these traumas and obstacles, you can strengthen your relationship and better understand your own subconscious and potential.

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