Full moon and sleep

full-moon.jpg Around a year and a half ago and surprisingly, a mainstream media wrote about the full moon and sleep, in the article “Full moon may disrupt sleep, study says.”

The study authors concluded that they had “evidence that the distance to the nearest full-moon phase significantly influences human sleep and evening melatonin levels when measured under strictly controlled laboratory conditions, where factors such as light and personal moon perception can be excluded.”

I am personally affected in my sleep by the full moon, but not by all full moons. I found that I am more affected when the full moon aspects my birth moon with a square or an opposition, which echoes the inner tension of the birth aspect between the Sun and the Moon. Also, I suspect that people with a strong natal Moon, as I have, would be more affected by the full Moon.

My considerations are based on a few cases I noticed and I shared with others, so they are far from being  statistically significant, which would require data from a high number of people for a longer timeframe.

A full Moon aspecting the natal Moon with a square or opposition happens only a few times a year. This is one example why devising scientific studies about astrology is very challenging.

Since the ultimate goal of 12andus is to research and better understand how the planets in the birth chart affect our personality, life events, skills and choices, it would be great to share your experience regarding the full moon and sleep as a comment.

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    • tunafish

      The full moon definitely affects my sleep patterns, even without Sun/Moon aspects. On full moon I have a lighter sleep, more realistic dreams, I awake easily.
      Being a Neptune dominant, I see dreams as something important in my life, also when I daydream! I have a vivid imagination, not always welcome though.

      • Ceegee

        Yes! I agree. The feeling when trying to rest on a full moon is like a 'buzz in my aura.

        • Xicotencatl Xayacate
          Xicotencatl Xayacate

          Full Moon makes me to feel happier (or at least it avoids me to get deeply depressed, unlike what happens to me during New Moons), somewhat inspired (my brain works better when there is a Full Moon, and even my emotions get calmed, quiet and stable), somehow "crazy" (craziness like when you are in a sort of tribal rite, dancing around the fire during a Full Moon's night or such, and then you feel a sort of inner force that feeds and nurtures you to some extent) and pretty romantic, horny and aroused (Moon in Scorpio, 1st house; Pluto dominant, in conjunction with my Moon), and most of times, as if I were "boosted" by a sort of energy source whose origin or source of power is a thing I can't determine. Therefore, I can't sleep, but I don't consider that as a bad thing... Or I fall asleep immediately if I am really tired. And, after falling asleep, my dreams become pretty vivid, much more than the memories of my real life (99% of my dreams are lucid dreams, including the "darkest, creepiest and eeriest ones" in black and white and with nightmare-like plots). The next morning, I feel totally recharged... Until the Moon's phase decreases its shining area. xD

          • sound32

            I have a minor semisquare Sun-Moon aspect , don't know if it's about this but I also have troubles with the full moon, but perhaps affects most people regardless of the birth aspects