Jupiter transiting on the natal Moon: a kaleidoscope of feelings

jupiter-transit-moon.png Anything connected to feelings, care, the need for security and support will be expanded by Jupiter transiting on the natal Moon.

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Jupiter transiting conjunct to the natal Moon
Probably, this is the best transit for your emotional life. Your feelings about support, safety, generosity, care and self-care are greatly expanded.

You want to make everybody feel at home, and you want to strengthen the roots and the connection with your family.

It's a time to reflect on your past and be aware of how it shaped your personality. Also, you might consider this transit as a favorable time to buy a new home or refurbish an existing one to give yourself a lovely nest.

Jupiter transiting sextile to the natal Moon
This transit brings positive feelings and optimism. People around you represent a source of support and care.

Life now gives you a chance to reflect on yourself and understand deeply your emotional life and your past.

Also, you want to support and care for others, especially the people who are part of your family, but as well you might become involved in public and philanthropic actions.

Jupiter transiting square to the natal Moon
Even being a square, this transit is generally positive. You want to openly share your feelings with others and everything connected to your past and family gets a renewed interest in your life.

There might, however, arise some tensions from remembering your past, how it shaped your conditioning and how your psychological patterns limited your self-expression.

This is the right time to become aware of those issues and to “work on yourself.”

Jupiter transiting trine to the natal Moon
This is probably the most relaxed transit for your emotional life. You’ll find support in your family, country, and from the people and places from your past.

Time for care and be cared by the people who have always been close to you.

Also, it is time for inner explorations by giving attention to the psychological dimension of life. Give attention to your needs for emotional support. Spoil yourself and the people you love.

Jupiter transiting opposite to the natal Moon
Even being an opposition, this transit is still positive because it involves a positive Jupiter and a caring Moon.

Feeling are at the forefront during this time. Mostly you'll feel supported and supportive, especially with family and with important people from your past.

There are, however, some risks associated with this transit. You need to be aware that your inner child is going to be triggered, with an assortment of associated feelings.

You might feel needy and ask people more than what they can or want to give, and might feel disappointed if you can't get what you want.

Transiting Jupiter Quincunx Natal Moon

Your instincts and intuition are leading you to greater changes and advancement but hunches aren’t all they appear to be.

Your emotions may be leading you off course, into self aggrandizement at this time. Your instincts tell you something new is coming, and that you need to grow and embrace risk, yet your interpretations of what to let go of and when to take a leap of faith are not likely to be on target.

Trust that intuitive cues are building up to point you in the right direction, but know that your interpretation of these instincts may lead you off course. Avoid grandiose thinking at this time.

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