Jupiter transiting on natal Pluto: power and depth to face extreme transformations

power-depth.jpg Jupiter transiting conjunct natal Pluto

This transit carries an expansion of your power, courage and depth to reach your goals.

Power needs responsibility and control; don’t be compulsive in your quest for supremacy, otherwise you might get into troubles with others or with the law.

If you have any kind of goal toward power, you might be tempted to step over everything and everyone to reach the top, but success and personal accomplishments don't necessarily mean money and power.

If you can drive your energy into a positive project or into self-understanding, you will build something valuable and long lasting from the depth of your soul.

Jupiter transiting sextile natal Pluto

You can feel inspired and want to change the environment where you live. Use this opportunity to improve not only your life, but also the lives of  those around you.

Basically, it's a moment of transformation where the focus is supporting others and sharing your wisdom and depth.

Through this transit it's possible for you to go through a spiritual awakening. Prepare your soul by accepting the power-oriented ego is not the whole story of human development.

Jupiter transiting square natal Pluto

This transit promises the fulfillment of your plans, but don't become arrogant in your drive for power or you will lose the authority you have gained, and very quickly.

There will be a desire to improve society through radical reforms as well as challenging your own world view and attitude. You like to dig for the truth.

However, don't become fundamentalist in your quest for truth, ponder your view with others. There are many different views of the world and all of them must be respected.

If you want to be credible, you should walk your talk by embodying the ideals you fight for.

Jupiter transiting trine natal Pluto

This transit expands your power, your courage and the will to act positive and have revolutionary changes in yourself and in the world.

You are oriented toward displacing the fake with the real. Your intellectual and instinctual search for depth are greatly improved.

Your power can express itself also in the professional area, through a work promotion or a gain of authority, and money might easily come to you during this time.

If you want the results to be solid, remember to improve the environment where you live and share the benefits you've received with everyone.

Jupiter transiting opposite natal Pluto

This transit marks the peak of your will for personal power.

Being at the top, you are subject to be more visible and vulnerable to opposing forces. If you can face all the obstacles, during this period you can achieve your goals.

The opposition aspect might transform your drive for achievement to arrogance with no respect for the rules.

Don't make drastic decisions and don't be impulsive, or you may encounter problems along the way, including troubles with authorities.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Pluto

Old wounds will be revealed through a spiritual awakening that shifts your consciousness and allows a larger rebirth process to take place.

In order for this to fully be activated, you will need to learn some difficult lessons involving hubris and excess. Addictions and self aggrandizement may be part of this path to self destruction and rebirth.

You may need to experience what power is not in order to better understand what true power is. A fall from status may be indicated on the path to this awakening.

Remember that you are not always right, and people may disagree with you. Recognize what others have done for you and keep everyone in your life, even if they think differently. Learn to embrace differences and grow with them.

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