Jupiter transiting on natal Mars: time for fearless action

skatingStrength, boldness, assertiveness and expansive action are the outcomes of Jupiter connecting with Mars.

Jupiter transiting conjunct natal Mars

This transit will give you a lot of strength. Going to the gym or practicing any kind of exercise will be a great way to move all that energy.

You can easily achieve your goals with hard work, but be careful because all this effort can exhaust your mind and body.
It’s a good time to put new ideas into practice.

You want to do everything yourself, because you need to act according to your time and schedule without unnecessary interruptions.

However, don't rush too much to avoid accidents.

Jupiter transiting sextile natal Mars

This is a time when you feel extremely confident and prone to take initiatives. If a door closes on you, you’ll open a window.

It is also a great transit to increase and improve your networking. You’ll gain the respect and admiration of others with your sincerity and ability to understand everyone's opinions and needs.

In general, it indicates that things will unfold in a positive way through your focused actions. Your health will improve.

Jupiter transiting square natal Mars

Your self-esteem will be very high, which can cause moments of arrogance and insolence. Because of your behavior, you may try to do things that are not within your reach, turning enthusiasm into disappointment.

If you use all that energy in a positive way, you’ll reach astonishing results in your work and personal life. You can have the ability to create your own luck by being focused on your goals.

Remember not to be careless during this transit. Your enthusiasm might transform into virulence.

Jupiter transiting trine natal Mars

In this transit your actions will be strong, but coherent and practical and you can achieve your goals by being honest and respecting your values.

It's also a great time to start a business or take a new step in your career.

This is a good moment to finalize your personal projects since the focus will be on yourself. You might feel a great amount of expansive energy supported by your strength.

Try to reconcile with people and situations you have avoided during all this time, which will not be so difficult due to your trustworthy attitude.

Jupiter transiting opposite natal Mars

This transit will make you behave more enthusiastically, but try to do everything in a responsible and risk-free manner.

Because of your sense of freedom, you may have problems with people who, in your view, try to limit you in some way.
Use all this energy to do things you never thought you could do, because the result will surprise you.

The great lesson here is to overcome your fears and learn to deal with them.

Transiting Jupiter Quincunx natal Mars

Moderating your power and energy will be difficult now.

You may end up spinning your wheels and experiencing restless energy. Working harder will not help you to advance if you continue to stick to the same path. Applying more force is not the answer.

Diplomacy and charm will help you overcome obstacles, but your personal ambitions are hard to reconcile with your need to act on behalf of society or for the good of others.

Benevolence can be channeled to achieve both your personal goals while uplifting others, but your actions will need to match your values in order to move forward.

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