Jupiter transiting on natal Saturn: grow through responsibilities and hard work

ants-work.jpg Expansion and contraction meet in this transit. A steady, slow, controlled expansion would be one of the best outcomes.

Jupiter transiting conjunct natal Saturn

This transit can bring drastic changes. Jupiter conjunct Saturn will show you the areas in which you avoided taking responsibilities in your life, which will not be very pleasurable at first, but then you will acknowledge it as something that has helped your maturation.

It will also be a time where you can expand in some areas of your life, such as career, for example.

Saturn represents structure, so everything you build now, even if it seems difficult, will be solid and rewarding.

Careful planning and controlled expansion are the keys to enjoying the best of this transit. Accept the limitations as bridges to improvement.

Jupiter transiting sextile natal Saturn

This transit will bring a very realistic view of the world around you.

You can see the daily routine as something very constructive, which can be very positive, but at the same time you won't accept taking other's responsibilities.

It's a great time to save or invest your money, since you'll be more careful.

With this accurate and pragmatic view, you can set your goals and let go of everything that does not bring much back to you.

Jupiter transiting square natal Saturn

This is the time to separate what makes and what does not make sense to your life, so do not try to postpone this analysis.

Since Saturn is a slow planet, do not make quick decisions, or you might pay the consequences of poor planning. Be careful and think before you act.

There may be an inner conflict between being free to explore a wider world or embracing the daily routine, but if you know how to balance, you can have the best of both worlds.

Jupiter transiting trine natal Saturn

As a river needs the limits of its banks to flow, you can stay inside the limits to slowly flow into a larger place.

This transit will make you very realistic, at the same time your intellectual skills will become wider and you will enjoy a clearer view of long-term planning.

It is a great time to be by yourself and discover that loneliness is not something to avoid. At the same time, you may feel the need to defend and protect the people you care for.

Do not get involved in any risky business and don't leave your comfort zone during this period, especially in the financial area. Focus on your actual needs without being greedy.

Jupiter transiting opposite natal Saturn

In this period, you may feel confused about your decisions. When in doubt, don't take any important decision during this transit.

There will be an inner battle: while you want to be free and start a new life, you're afraid to let go of the routine that conveys security.

If you can balance the expansion of Jupiter and the structure of Saturn you will certainly reach great results in your career and finances.

You will also experience the limits of your relationships because of heavy responsibilities.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Saturn

It will take some degree of experimentation at this time to balance your unlimited potential and large scale dreams with realistic limitations.

As you are learning to face limitations and define the important frameworks in your life, your need to employ a measure of self discipline will be at odds with your desire to expand and get to the fun stuff. Though the walls between work and play are eroding at this time, you will feel just enough residue of restrictions and hardships that it will feel like a rain cloud in the background, threatening to put a damper on your successes and optimism.

Try to let the confines of the rules which must be followed provide you with stability from which to launch your larger dreams.

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