Jupiter transiting on natal Mercury: intellectual advancements and travelling with purpose

philosophy Jupiter transiting on natal Mercury expands everything connected to the intellect and its explorations. Philosophy, travel and knowledge are favored.

Jupiter transiting conjunct natal Mercury
This transit is extraordinary for harmonically combining different aspects of the intellect. Love of knowledge, intuition and curiosity will cooperate to give you a broad vision for your researches and plans.

You can also easily communicate your intellectual discoveries in a brilliant and witty way.

This time is good to travel and make business agreements. You can start any deal with clarity, efficacy and a contagious optimism!

This transit can also trigger a deeper interest in philosophy and spirituality, rooted in more than the intellect.

There's one risk associated with this transit: you might overextend yourself and exaggerate your expectations and optimism. Allow Jupiter to do his expanding job, but be realistic.

Jupiter transiting sextile natal Mercury
This is a good time for communication, planning and learning. Your intuition is sharp, and you can easily convey your ideas to others through speech or writing.

Business deals and contracts are favored by your warm and positive attitude, but you shouldn't become too complacent about your good luck. This transit needs some action on your part.

Jupiter transiting square natal Mercury
Your mental and communication activity will be greatly increased during this time, as well as the mental tension. This is a good time for learning, making business agreements and communications, but you should control the “volume.”

Your way to communicate your ideas and knowledge might become compulsive. Remember that communicating means also listening to others and taking time to reflect.

Don't take different opinions as personal attacks on your values. Keep a certain ideological flexibility.

Jupiter transiting trine natal Mercury
This transit expands your communication skills. You can convey your ideas in a clear and warm way, gaining the trust of people you deal with.

People will feel a natural authority in your words. You can start business deals, as well as spread your culture through teaching and writing.

This is an exceptional time for theoretical studies and for broadening your vision of life, philosophy and interests in metaphysics and spirituality.

Jupiter transiting opposite natal Mercury
This transit represents the apex of intellectual plans started around 6 years ago, when Jupiter was conjunct to your Mercury.

You’ll expand your love of knowledge and will broaden the world-view beyond the cultural conditioning that usually limits the intellectual explorations.

This peak comes with the hazard of being ostentatious and boastful about your accomplishments. Perhaps people might see you as arrogant.

If you start any business deal, even though in this period you have great conversational skills, be careful to consider every detail without becoming too optimistic.

Transiting Jupiter Quincunx natal Mercury

Time to adjust your plans and broaden your perspective.

Your current viewpoint is not going to help you expand and achieve the success you are hoping for. A change in plans may be in order.

Communication, especially with those in positions of power, need to be toned down, a previous discussion may need to be revisited, the details reviewed again in order to come to consensus. Otherwise you risk remaining at an impasse. Flexible as your thinking may be, you are focusing on the wrong details.

You may be caught up in the ideal and not grounded enough in practical matters. You may have to adjust your confidence and live up to the vision you are striving to achieve.

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