Jupiter transiting on the natal Sun: exploration and increased vitality

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    jupiter-transit-sun.jpg Among the most positive transits, Jupiter brings an optimistic attitude to the will represented by the Sun.

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    Jupiter transiting conjunct to the natal Sun
    This transit is very positive and marks a beginning of a twelve-year cycle.

    Jupiter conjunct to your Sun starts a cycle of growth where your self-expression and projects can find new life.

    The expansion requires also some efforts on your part to learn new skills and expand your world-view. Jupiter will help you to grow your inner curiosity and love of knowledge, as well as crossing mental and intellectual borders which have limited your view in the past.

    Anything connected to “far,” as in traveling, or in intellectual, psychological or spiritual explorations, will be at the forefront of your attention during this period.

    An optimistic attitude will support the expansion of your goals. Just be careful not to be unrealistic in your view. Jupiter with the Sun might stretch their natural positive attitude to exaggeration.


    Jupiter transiting sextile to the natal Sun
    During this time, you are aided in the expansion of your goals. An optimistic attitude and the love of knowledge can support your work, as well as your quest for knowledge.

    At least for a while, you can relax and see things growing without much effort from your side.

    You’re confident in your projects and you project good feelings toward others, who reciprocate by creating a positive flow of energy.


    Jupiter transiting square to the natal Sun
    This transit, even being a square, is generally positive for the development of your goals.

    However, in this period you need to be disciplined and careful not to fall into the trap of being overly optimistic and careless. The square aspect creates tension, so don't overestimate your luck searching for quick gains, otherwise it will create barriers to reaching your goals.

    As well, during this time don't involve your ego too much and don't become arrogant. Be careful not to promise what you can't fulfill. Legal actions might follow.


    Jupiter transiting trine to the natal Sun
    This is one of the most positive transits you can receive. The expansiveness of Jupiter and your personality traits work harmonically to increase your creativity and your will to act.

    You’re open to different world-views, want to explore new places and having new intellectual and inner experiences. Your awareness in different areas will increase.

    Your health also has the potential to improve during this time, but don’t indulge in heavy food and drinks or you might gain weight. Don't let Jupiter's expansion take the route of the body.

    While this might be a relaxed time, the only risk connected to this transit is to lay back and expect that everything will take care of itself without any effort from your side.


    Jupiter transiting opposite to the natal Sun
    Despite being an opposition, this transit between Jupiter and the Sun is actually positive if you refrain from inflating Jupiter's expansion in a super-bubble.

    This transit represents the middle way of a cycle started around 6 years ago. The projects you began at that time grew mostly on the material plane, setting the ground for something significant and bigger.

    Now, the growth should be oriented to the inner world, developing your human qualities as compassion, generosity, selfishness and spirituality. You will radiate generosity and life force like a Sun.

    Transiting Jupiter Quincunx Natal Sun

    You will want to expand your horizons and advance professionally, but will likely face a series of barriers which need to be dealt with.

    More on the level of annoyances than crises, you will have to maintain confidence and composure in the midst of challenges. Your authority may be questioned or feedback you receive from a boss at work could leave you questioning your own capability.

    Try not to measure your authority by the reactions of others. You are not likely to get praise you seek at this time and as a result may feel rejected or diminished, but you needn’t be deflated by others’ reactions to you.

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