Jupiter transiting on natal Venus: expansion of love, harmony and higher knowledge

love-beauty.png Regarded as the most favourable transit for love and relationships, Jupiter creates the best conditions for the expansion of love and beauty.

Jupiter transiting conjunct natal Venus
This is the most favorable and lovely transit for anything connected to relationships. Your love of beauty and harmony gets a big boost during this period.

This transit might bring a new relationship or an improvement to an existing relationship. Positive vibes and thinking will flow into your love life, which is also devoid of possessivity and jealousy.

You’ll prefer to hang around with elegant people and artists.

Since this transit happens around every 12 years, you should get the best out of it.

The only danger here is to indulge excessively in a decadent and lazy sensuous life, which might be adverse for your health.

Jupiter transiting sextile natal Venus
Jupiter and Venus are both pleasure oriented planets, so this time might be very enjoyable.

It's a good time for vacations or any activity that doesn't require much effort from you, easily flowing with what the existence brings to your life. But to make the best of this transit, you need to act in the first person by overcoming your propensity to be “passively happy” and maybe decadent.

Any kind of relationship will be highlighted because of your affectionate and positive energy, which can make a good impression.

You may be attracted to everything that is flashy and glamorous.

Jupiter transiting square natal Venus
You may feel a great need to express your love, but don't accept any abuse from others due to your need of love and affection.

You can easily attract someone during this time, but such a relationship will be probably a transitory interest rather than something serious.

The tension between freedom-seeking Jupiter and bond-seeking Venus will be a challenge and a struggle for you to choose one or the other.

Since it is difficult to face routine and responsibility during this time, try to make everything around you pleasurable and beautiful according to Venus.

Jupiter transiting trine natal Venus
This transit shines for being positive and lovely. It’ll make you feel cheerful and amiable.

This is the time for taking a vacation and attend social events. You may feel lazy and find difficult to continue with your routine.

People feel happy around you because of the way you radiate positive feelings, and it’s a good time for romantic and intimate encounters.

You can earn money or material goods, but can also overspend on everything that is aesthetically pleasing.

Jupiter transiting opposite natal Venus
Since you'll be open to love with a sensual and enthusiastic attitude, this transit indicates a very good time for relationships or even the beginning of a new one that could mean a lot in your life.

It may be a great time to invest your money, but be careful because you can spend with everything that may seem beautiful and pleasing to you.

Since Venus likes affection but Jupiter wants freedom, this can cause an internal struggle or problems with the person you love.

Transiting Jupiter Quincunx natal Venus

Your eyes will be opened to the needs of society and communities outside your immediate circle. At this time your definition of love and what it means to love others is challenged.

You may come away from this period with a new understanding of compassion on a larger scale, yet in order to bring harmony into your relationships and life right now you need to come to transcend the shallow definitions of love.

By releasing expectations and limitations from others, you are opening up to a higher level of love and connections. The saying ‘if you love someone set them free’ applies here.

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