Jupiter transiting on natal Uranus: expect... something unexpected

    Ivo - 12andus founder
    By Ivo - 12andus founder

    unexpected.jpg Jupiter transiting on natal Uranus triggers unexpected changes and disruptions.

    Jupiter transiting conjunct natal Uranus

    During this transit, Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus can intensify the pace of sudden changes.
    You can become rebellious and not accept having an ordinary life, along with an uncontrollable desire for freedom and new experiences.

    Balance your desires and your obligations, or many people close to you may feel disappointed.

    Opportunities, from travel to relationships, may come from unexpected places.

    Unexpected changes in your life might create a degree of anxiety, but also can being moments of personal expansion and a fresh start in the areas of friendship, finance and lifestyle.

    Radical changes and unpredictability will be expanded, so accept them as ways to discover new opportunities for your consciousness and business.

    Jupiter transiting sextile natal Uranus

    It is a good time to let go of everything that doesn't make any more sense in your life and make some positive changes about it.

    Because Uranus is an unpredictable planet, sudden opportunities can happen in all areas of your life.

    There may be interest in improving society's problems and people's conditions in general, and there is a chance that you'll join some humanitarian campaigns, NGOs or political organizations.

    This transit will bring changes, which at first may not seem so good, but then you'll see that everything was worth it. Also, money and business might be positively affected by this transit.

    Jupiter transiting square natal Uranus

    One of the characteristics of this transit is the desire to break the patterns in your life and the restrictions around you.
    If you control your impulsiveness and think before you act, these changes will be positive.

    Don't end any type of relationship based on the impulsiveness of the moment, try to control your drive towards radical freedom or you may miss great opportunities.

    If you do everything calmly, you find out that you can be free in a more inclusive and non-fleeting way.

    Jupiter transiting trine natal Uranus

    This is a period of change, where the focus will be to explore the unknown, from new lifestyles to mystical experiences.
    You can feel attracted to everything that is unconventional, especially on an intellectual level.

    This transit provides great opportunities that can appear without notice. From career to love, you should embrace the changes as evolutionary gifts.

    It's also a great time to study because your mind will work faster and your interest toward knowledge will increase.
    Since your intuitive qualities are higher, it’s also a favorable period to start unconventional investments.

    Jupiter transiting opposite natal Uranus

    This transit gives you the wisdom to finalize some cycles of your life.

    Even if it's difficult, the desire for the unknown will make you cross this period constructively.

    Any kind of limitations in relationships will not be tolerated, but be careful to distinguish between limiting relationships and your own restlessness.

    You might find someone willing to help you find your true essence in a unique way.

    This transit, even though it might upset your life, can bring positive changes, so be open to all outcomes.

    To know where Jupiter is transiting on your natal chart right now or for any past or future date, click on "Astro Reports", select the Forecast box, set your date and click on "Calculate", then click on "Planets positions and aspects" and look at the "Transits - Planets in signs and aspects" section.

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