Transiting Saturn on natal Venus: rethinking your relationships

thinking-relationship.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Venus

Aloof Saturn meets relationship-chasing Venus. The meeting of an old serious individual with love and pleasure-seeking Venus needs at least some adjustments.

Your relationships will be challenged, but Saturn might only end the ones that aren't valuable and real, which is positive as a reality check. If a new love appears during this period, it'll be something true and meaningful.

Try to balance your individuality with the connection to people, because in this period you'll tend to stay on your own by withdrawing into an isolated space.

Take advantage of this moment to rethink your attitudes about love and connect your mind with your heart. Cutting down old habits, from food to pleasure seeking activities (yes, also sex) to unnecessary spending, will make you stronger and independent.

This might be somehow a monastic period regarding love and life's enjoyments. You will become more aware of what you really need and what is useful for you.


Transiting Saturn sextile natal Venus

It is a great time to balance your individual goals with romantic relationships. If you start a relationship, it will last if you both are in tune not only in a romantic way, but also in the practical aspects of a relationship.

Love now will not blind you. You will be attracted by wise and mature partners, so you want to be sure that there's something real and solid supporting your relationship, and that both of you have common interests and goals.

In the professional area, you are open to establishing a good connection with everyone through honest business and a reliable attitude.


Transiting Saturn square natal Venus

Saturn brings the reality of your relationships into your awareness. Solid relationships based on something real will endure Saturn's scrutiny.

Sometimes a relationship begins with a fantasy that we create, but with time we see it's not what we thought, and the illusion ends.

During this time, you might feel that your relationship is taking away your independence and your capacity to act in the world. You feel also the burden of responsibilities.

Your individual goals and the ones of your relationships now collide. You feel as if your creativity is limited by your partner. On the other hand, you might feel lonely and isolated by choosing to follow your own path instead of the other's demands.

It's time for an accurate reflection about what you need from a relationship.


Transiting Saturn trine natal Venus

In this period, you reach a good balance between being in a relationship and fulfilling your individual needs and path, giving maturity and solidity to your loving connections.

Since the pragmatic and constructive aspects of your relationship are now at the forefront, this is probably not the highest romantic time

However, there's mutual respect, trust and the willingness to build something stable for the future.

You’re more effective in business because you analyze every detail and situations and focus on what is advantageous both for you and your business partners.


Transiting Saturn opposite natal Venus

This transit is difficult for any kind of relationship, both in the love and business areas.

Now you feel that being in a relationships clashes with your individual goals and professional accomplishments.

You might want to isolate yourself to concentrate your energies on your tasks. This will expand your feelings of loneliness, but you might even start to enjoy the ascetic life.

This is not a great time to start a new relationship or creative project, especially in the financial areas.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Venus

You may become frustrated by a loved one who is set in their ways or who is stuck in another time.

You may also feel embroiled in some type of forbidden romance. Either an attraction to someone who is married, unavailable or just not reciprocating your interest will force you to confront the limitations of your charm and attraction power.

You could further frustrate yourself by trying to manipulate others into seeing your value and desiring you as much as you desire them, or you can learn from the experience and preserve your energy and attention for someone who recognizes your beauty and value.

Financial issues may surface and the consequences of splurging on yourself or others in the recent past may become apparent. Self discipline will help you settle financial matters once again.


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