Sun in Pisces and Moon in Cancer

SunMoon-Pisces-Cancer.jpg Sun in Pisces and Moon in Cancer

Sun in Pisces gives you creative talents and a compassionate, sensitive personality. Your emotional depths and nurturing abilities are further enhanced by Moon in Cancer.

You are hypersensitive to your surroundings and can be empathic toward others. You may be deeply intuitive although its also likely that you confuse your inner guidance and convince yourself your insecurities are real.

When not feeding into inner fears of abandonment, you may overestimate yourself and become disillusioned when you learn that a love interest doesn’t share your feelings, for example. You are nurturing, caring and spiritual. You may have a challenging journey which leads to emotional healing through experience of transformative traumas.

You seek security in a sense of home and family but also have an expanded view of family connections. You may embrace others as close confidants and even soul mates without much prompting because you are so open to deep connections with others.

You are drawn to mystical experiences because you want to shift your consciousness and connect with your higher self and spiritual side. You can easily tap in to your connection with other realms and may have prophetic dreams and visions.

You are artistically talented and may develop a home based business involving arts, music, crafts or other forms of expression. You may also be drawn to careers in spiritual healing, psychic arts or relationship counseling.

You are nurturing and empathic but may genuinely lose track of discernment between your emotions and the emotions of others. You can take on others’ pain without realizing it and become overwhelmed.

This also makes you introverted and shy at times. Without trying to, others can hurt your feelings because they don’t stop to consider how you may perceive a casual remark made without malicious intentions. Emotion regulation is not always easy for you but is essential.

Sun in Pisces square Moon in Cancer

Sun in Pisces square Moon in Cancer creates tension between your creative, dreamy, mystical side and your sensitive, protective inner instincts. You long for a close connection with others and yet you may also put up defenses to hide your inner nature.

You can be artistic and creative but reserved about sharing your gifts because of deep seated fear of criticism or rejection. You may feel insecure or fear abandonment and this leads you to retreat into your inner fantasy world. You have strong instincts but are likely to interpret them in delusional ways if you are not grounded.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Pisces trine Moon in Cancer

Sun in Pisces trine Moon in Cancer gives you tremendous creativity, emotional depths and compassion. You are intuitive, sensitive and empathic. You easily share your vulnerability and nurturing with the world.

Others perceive you as charming, sentimental and attractive and you are drawn to children, family and home. Sanctuary, security and comfort are important to you.

You shy away from confrontations of all kinds and instead you appeal to the emotional needs of others and can easily express your views without the need to be domineering. You are spiritual and drawn to mystical practices which may be the foundation of a career in healing or spiritual advising.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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