Transiting Saturn on natal Mars: concentrating your energies

concentrating-energy.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Mars

During this time, you feel life gives you several headwinds, limiting your energy and the actions you wish to start to express yourself.

Your capacity to concentrate and to work hard are much stronger than usual, but there's much frustration for the apparent lack of results. “Apparent” because Mars wants to do anything fast while Saturn needs a much slower pace.

People seem to oppose your efforts. Part of this is due to the energy you project onto others. Your compressed anger can be felt by people even if you aren't aware of it.

You should release the tension by discharging it in a safe way for yourself and others like by doing physical activities or dynamic meditations.


Transiting Saturn sextile natal Mars

This transit brings a patient and steadfast attitude toward work.

You will accomplish the best when you need to build a project step-by-step by paying attention to details and well-specified areas and when you need to test your strength.

You work better when you have responsibilities.

This is not a time to create new enterprises, but to improve and refine the ongoing ones.


Transiting Saturn square natal Mars

This is a challenging time for your aspirations, especially about work. Your drive to accomplish your goals clashes with other people's goals.

You might feel that others want to sabotage your objectives, but this is also due to your attitude. Probably unconsciously you emit a compressed angry energy which might be felt as threatening.

Find safe ways to release your anger otherwise you might experience frustration and cardiovascular issues.


Transiting Saturn trine natal Mars

Your work can now take advantage of your strong energy, as well as patience to take care of the details of your projects.

During this time, you don't waste your energies by dispersive actions. Perseverance and efficiency are at the top of your values.

You don't rush to reach fast results, nonetheless you have much energy available.


Transiting Saturn opposite natal Mars

You experience a challenging time with people representing any kind of authority, like teachers, parents, employers, and judges.

At the same time, your fighting attitude is somehow inhibited, so you end up by feeling stuck and frustrated, with an inner tension wanting to be released.

Even if it's difficult to accept such situations, it might be better to avoid any explosive reaction, and instead release your compressed energy through physical activities, yoga or meditation.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Mars

You will likely feel mounting tension and restless energy at this time.

Your desire to take action will be frustrated by numerous limitations imposed on you. On the one hand, exercise and physical activity can help you release pent up energy.

On the other hand, your impulse toward action will not serve you if you apply this restless energy to more serious decisions. Take time to deliberate before making major changes at this time and work out your anger, frustration and need for action through other activities.

Anger projected onto others will bring consequences to relationships, slow down and make sure you have leveled your emotions before engaging in disagreements or important negotiations with others.


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