Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Pisces

SunMoon-Capricorn-Pisces.jpg Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Pisces

Sun in Capricorn gives you a stable, sturdy personality. You value having a strong foundation and you value tradition. Moon in Pisces can soften your tough exterior, however. You can be compassionate, caring, empathic and creative behind your pragmatic exterior.

You are hard working and enduring suffering is your stock in trade. Yet your inner world is much more imaginative, sensitive and dreamy than your outside personality would let on. You are practical and can be conservative and frugal but you are also idealistic and have a rich imagination. Your intuition and fantasy life can fuel your ambition.

Because you can draw on your creativity and artistic talents, you may be successful in business or other endeavors that require resourcefulness, ingenuity and vision while also filtering through your realistic perspective.

Sun in Capricorn helps to ground the typical tendency for Moon in Pisces to get carried away in a fantasy world. Moon in Pisces helps Sun in Capricorn avoid getting too bogged down in the daily routines and rules. You can be flexible when you need to be but also enduring and patient.

You have a romantic side and may be attracted to older people or people who seem to need healing. You can also be highly intuitive and your psychic instincts are anchored by Sun in Capricorn. You can be successful as a therapist, artist, musician or business person focusing on emotional healing, the arts, romance or spirituality.

You may fantasize about traditional romance and can become disillusioned with the harsh realities don’t match the dreams you envisioned. You are highly sensitive and can be easily hurt though you tend to not show it. Rather than causing a scene, or even talking it out, you will likely slink into your work and distract yourself by focusing on practical tasks.

Sun in Capricorn sextile Moon in Pisces

Sun in Capricorn sextile Moon in Pisces creates an easy balance between your hard working, efficient and practical nature and your dreamy, imaginative, creative side. You can be aloof, detached and focused on work and productivity to the near exclusion of personal life.

You can also be compassionate, empathic, intuitive and sensitive. You are romantic and spiritual and you try to create a foundation for others to find healing and comfort. You want to connect with others on a spiritual level but also understand that relationships take time to build. You can succeed in business related to the arts or healing.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Capricorn square Moon in Pisces

Sun in Capricorn square Moon in Pisces creates friction between your practical personality and deep, brooding emotional side. You have realistic plans and take life seriously but you can be highly sensitive and become lost in sentimentality. You may wander into a fantasy world and become distracted from the business at hand.

You may also feel confused or overwhelmed by the depths of your emotions which don’t easily align with your practical personality. When this happens you can become confused between actual intuition and wishful thinking. Self-deception can also interfere with your success until you learn to work with your imagination and practical side.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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