Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Libra

SunMoon-Aquarius-Virgo.jpg Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Libra

Sun in Aquarius gives you an outgoing, friendly and creative personality. You are a humanitarian and forward thinker. Moon in Libra adds compassion and harmony to your altruistic nature. You are charming and have a quirky personality that only further enhances your appeal to others.

You have an innate sense of balance and beauty and aren’t afraid to speak up for your ideals and for others who don’t have a strong platform. You find security in harmonious relationships and often seek the perspective of partners or significant others to balance out your own viewpoints.

You value beauty and justice and you have a dramatic and unorthodox flair for making your views known. You are also attracted to unusual topics including the occult, metaphysics and conspiracy theories. Unusual relationships and unconventional pairings may appeal to you.

You have a progressive attitude and are open to new and cutting edge ideas. You are independent and free thinking though you feel most secure when operating in tandem with a partner. You can be detached and intellectual and even in relationships you prefer to keep your connection fun and flirty rather than getting into deep emotional partnerships.

You don’t really understand how emotions work or why you should feel them. Instead you feel confident in your ability to analyze and intuit what other are interested in. You can use your intuition and charm to win over the hearts of those around you. You are also a great problem solver because you are creative, intelligent and resourceful.

But when someone needs to just lean on your shoulder and cry, you’ll find the quickest path to the nearest door. You don’t want messy, heavy emotions. You can have an intense focus but prefer to keep your emotional connections light and optimistic. You intuitively need to examine all sides of every issue.

Sun in Aquarius square Moon in Libra

Sun in Aquarius square Moon in Libra creates tension between your independent nature and your tendencies to act in unusual ways which draw attention to yourself and your inner desire for harmony and partnership. You are peace loving but also erratic and chaotic. You don’t easily integrate your inner emotions and outer personality.

When you learn to draw from your inner strengths of diplomacy, compassion and creativity and integrate these qualities with your outer personality, you will be much more successful. Sometimes you have to work through difficult situations with partners in which you personally feel stifled in order to compromise and find resolution.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Aquarius trine Moon in Libra

Sun in Aquarius trine Moon in Libra creates an easy flow of energy between your intellectual, expressive, unique personality and your inner desire for harmony and balance. You express your emotions through creating art, music or through the humanities in general. Your intuition can be strong and you feel at your best working in partnership.

You are highly attractive to others and you can empathize with others and make anyone feel appreciated and understood. You are a people-person but also independent and free thinking. Others appreciate your unique perspective. You may be a trailblazer and help others embrace unusual ideas.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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