Which are the most favorable aspects in a synastry chart for a relationship?

compass.pngMost people look at a synastry chart from love point of view, but through a synastry chart, we can understand many other subtleties between two people.

Some recruiting agencies use astrology to understand the candidates and also how they fit with colleagues and managers.

However, let's focus mostly on love relationships, which is the kind of relationship most people care for.

Then we talk about Venus and Mars, right?

Yes and no. Mars and Venus's pair are about action and attraction. Venus attracts and Mars acts. When joined, like two poles of a magnet, they can surely bring people together. But an aspect between Mars and Venus is not the end of the story.

In the mathematical language, we might say that Mars and Venus are (not all the time) necessary but not sufficient conditions for a love relationship where sexuality is also present.

A loving relationship can happen without involving any Mars and Venus synastry aspects. Different kind of feelings and connection modalities can bring people together, as in feeling at ease with each other (which involve mostly the Moon and the Ascendant), being responsible (Saturn involved here), having good communication (Mercury) and also through a spiritual connection transcending both individuals (synastry aspects with Jupiter or Neptune).

There are also many other kinds of love, as platonic love, parental love, friendship, and spiritual, universal love which is not focused on any specific person.

Fortunately, we have different planets conveying different feelings, inner drives and basic needs. Unfortunately, since the number of actors in our psyche grows, this also complicates things.

Let's see briefly the meaning of just a few of the most important synastry aspects (there are hundreds of possible synastry aspects). You can find more detailed interpretations in the Relationship reports under the "Question and answers between..." box.

Sun and Moon conjunction in synastry
This happens when a person's Sun creates an aspect with another person's Moon. The most powerful aspect is the conjunction.

By the meeting of the Sun and the Moon, two big life polarities meet and match.

Light and darkness, unconsciousness and conscious will, animus and anima in Jungian terms, join to complement each other.

The two persons definitely feel at ease with each other.

They both feel the other person represents the missing half. The Moon person quietly supports Sun's person goals and will. The Moon person is proud of Sun's accomplishments, even though sometimes the Moon person might complain to be in a less visible role.

The Sun person radiates positive energies and motivates the Moon person.

The Sun person might, in turn, not always enjoy the feeling of being dependent of Moon's supportive energy.

Sun and Mercury conjunction in synastry
Ther's a a good mental affinity and the two persons love to explore new things and ideas together. They fuel each other's curiosity.

The persons have a rational way to evaluate and resolve issues with each other.

The Sun person gives the Mercury person direction and focused energy, while the Mercury person gives the Sun person mental and intellectual stimulation to improve and refine their actions and will.

Together they can be creative and they can find brilliant solutions to complex problems. Also, the business and financial areas are suited for their meeting.

Sun and Venus conjunction in synastry
There's a loving connection with a high mutual attraction. They definitely like each other. This combination is favorable for romantic and loving relationships as well as for best friends.

The Sun person feels loved by charming Venus person while the Venus person is fascinated by Sun's personality, will and actions.

The Venus person is affectionate toward the Sun person and Sun reciprocates by giving value to the Venus' person, who feels in turn loved by Sun.

Sometimes they tend to indulge in pleasures and gratifications.

Mercury and Venus conjunction in synastry
Conversation, chitchat and overall idea sharing stimulates the emotions and the shared attraction.

The relationship has a frisky, funny and playful attitude.

Intelligent inspiration is a vital part of what maintains closeness to each other.

The Venus person, in Mercury's person presence, can easily open verbally and share at many intimate levels. The Mercury person is attracted by the Venus' person attitude toward art, harmony and beauty.

Together they enjoy a varied social life. They love to have common friends, interesting conversations and hang out for artistic events.

Venus and Mars conjunction in synastry
This is the classic aspect for passionate and sexual attraction. Even if they aren't a couple, they can use the passion to fuel common activities.

Attraction is energetic and intense.

The Mars person is more determined and active while the Venus person is more on the receptive side.

The Venus person attracts the Mars person with charm and fascinating manners while the Mars person attracts the Venus person with straightforward actions and, in case of a couple, through sexual presence.

Which aspects are "good"?

In order to have a good relationship, we don't necessarily need to have positive synastry aspects as in conjunctions between “good” planets, sextiles or trines.

Harmonic aspects ease the meeting of the planetary energies, but in themselves don't bring much evolution. Things risk being too easy, and almost boring. Relationships' value is in going beyond individual conditioning. Thus some tension is needed to break patterns.

We can take the example of the pearl. An oyster protects itself from an irritant by covering it with a mineral found in the mollusk's shells. With time, a pearl is formed.

Relationships teach us how to carve a pearl in our soul by being irritated by our partner!

You can discover the synastry aspects meanings between any two people of Your Astro Data list by calculating a Relationship Report in the Astro Reports page. The synastry aspects texts are displayed in the “Questions and answers between...” box.

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