Transiting Saturn on natal Jupiter: slow expansion

slow-expansion.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter

Saturn acts as a brake to Jupiter's expansiveness and enthusiasms.

In this period your expansive projects will fall under Saturn's accurate lens. Saturn will approve only what is well grounded in reality.

Having your enthusiasms controlled might make you feel sad, and you might isolate yourself from people, feeling almost ashamed to not be optimistic and expansive anymore.

You can, however, receive the best of this transit in embodying the Saturnian qualities such as patience, sacrifice and steadfastness, which are needed to give roots to Jupiter's expansion.

It's a good time for inner reflection and for spiritual understanding.


Transiting Saturn sextile natal Jupiter

You want to commit yourself seriously toward the expansion of your tasks. With no hurry, you securely climb the ladder step by step.

Your work is supported by Saturn's qualities as a love for the details and hard work, along with a Jupiterian broad view of the whole project.

Psychological and spiritual interests will give you insights into your inner self.


Transiting Saturn square natal Jupiter

Your drive toward freedom and expansiveness will be limited by transiting Saturn.

The areas of work and money will be mostly affected by this transit. Saturn will purge anything that isn't useful or meaningful, and will restrict your initiatives, mainly the ones connected to the expansive Jupiterian energy, as in finance and travel.

You might wonder where your optimistic view of life has gone. As with other Saturn transits, learn from limitations and develop patience and integrity so you become stronger and wiser.


Transiting Saturn trine natal Jupiter

Your work activity will experience a positive controlled expansion.

You aren't in a rush to get fast results, but at the same time you can work hard to reach your goals with steadfastness.

Anything connected to travel and higher intellectual ventures will reach positive outcomes.

Your search for higher truths will also be stimulated by this transit. You might commit to travel a path of meditation or spiritual explorations.


Transiting Saturn opposite natal Jupiter

It is definitely not the time to enjoy the growth of your business and the expansion of your goals.

You might feel that everything conjures to curb your plans by keeping you always on square one.

Frustration can follow, along with an inner tension that wants to break the barriers and the limitations.

Travelling plans also might be restricted or delayed.

During this time, you should work for preserving and stabilizing what you already have instead of looking for new projects.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Jupiter

As you sort through what was true for your elders and compare it to what is true for you, you will come to appreciate both your past and future.

Respect for institutions of higher learning and tradition are challenged by the desire to break down barriers and embrace what is foreign and unfamiliar.

You may feel suffocated by routines and regulations but be unable to completely break free from them at this time.

You may also have to re-examine your beliefs about justice, Karma and law, coming to a more spiritual basis of ethics and morals rather than just accepting constructed rules handed down to you.


To know where Saturn is transiting on your natal chart right now or for any past or future date, click on "Astro Reports", select the Forecast box, set your date and click on "Calculate", then click on "Planets positions and aspects" and look at the "Transits - Planets in signs and aspects" section.

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