What does a relationship horoscope take into account?

relationship-stars.jpg One of the astrology misconceptions is that couples are compatible according to their signs.

The sign, which is the position of the Sun at birth, is not a strong factor for a couple. The Sun is the will and the ego personality of the individuals. While it would be a bonus to match also on that level, love matches mainly on other planes.

An astrologer considers every element of both natal charts to portray an accurate relationship horoscope but gives special importance to the connection between the Sun and the Moon, Venus and Mars, and the astrological house 5, 7 and 8.

Even though we are used to considering Venus and Mars as the planets of love and relationships, they are more planets of attraction, sex and seduction. A good connection between the Sun and the Moon is more suited for a long-term relationship over the aspects between Venus and Mars.

The connection between the Sun and the Moon of a couple touches on what the renowned psychologist C. G. Jung defined as animus and anima. In Jung's terminology, animus is the unconscious masculine part of a woman, while anima is the unconscious feminine part of a man.

An aspect between the Sun of a man and the Moon of a woman or vice versa, reveals if and how two people admire each other or feel comfortable and at home in the other’s presence. Such feelings are appropriate for a long-lasting relationship.

The aspects between Venus and Mars tell how the couple relates about seduction, sexuality and how the mutual attraction is. If Pluto is also involved then there's a magnetic attraction defying any tendency to rationalize it. Sometimes Pluto brings a controlling attitude and an unhealthy jealousy.

When one person's planets are located in the other person's 5th or 7th houses respectively, the areas of sexuality or long-term relationships are triggered in the other person. How those areas are triggered depends on the nature of the planet visiting the house. As an example, Venus in the other person's 7th house would spark feelings of attraction and love, while Mars might provoke intense sexual feelings that might also foment clashes and quarrels.

As a different example, Uranus of a person in the other's 5th house might activate a sudden and unconventional sexual connection, while Saturn in the other's 5th house might inhibit sexuality or see it in quite traditional ways.

There are many elements to consider for a relationship horoscope reading. In 12andus' Relationship reports, we consider every element of both people and their interactions to infer the qualities driving the relationship.

We take into account both the synastry chart, which is the interconnection of the individual charts, and the composite chart, which is a chart created as a unit by the midpoints of the individual charts.

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