In relationships, what are your biggest strengths and insecurities, according to your Venus sign?

venus-confident-insecurities.jpg What Venus in the signs reveals you about your biggest strengths and insecurities in relationships?

Venus in Aries

You love a challenge and one of your biggest relationship strengths is your willingness to go the extra mile for those you love. At least, you will go the extra mile to accomplish what you think will impress others. Therein lies one of your greatest challenges.

You aren’t always great at listening. This is because you are so passionately focused on your goals that you often skip out on important parts of the process of being present. You dash from one thing to the next and get restless when it comes time to sit still and notice the subtle cues your partner is sending.

Your biggest fear is not being able to be the champion to your loved one. You want so much to be the hero or heroine that you will rush off to slay the dragon before stopping to consider what your partner really needs from you.

Venus in Taurus

You are patient and generous. Your greatest strength is your ability to be reliable and constant, a pillar of support and nurturing for those you love. You appreciate value and easily create a solid foundation for others.

Your insecurities are triggered when you perceive that others don’t appreciate your value, or the lengths you go to for them. As a result, you will continue to overextend yourself waiting for the reciprocal efforts you long for. When you don’t receive the same energy back, watch out.

It takes a lot to anger you, but your temper will be stoked by perceived lack of gratitude from others. For all that you do to create security for those you love, you are also intolerant of any sign of disloyalty or competition.

Venus in Gemini

You have a way with words and bring inspiration to others. Your knowledge of an eclectic range of trivia gains the attention of your loved ones, and your charm is one of your great strengths. You know how to say all the right things and are never at a loss for words.

When it comes to relationships, you thrive off of the mental stimulation you receive from others and enjoy being in the company of those you love.

For all of your intellectual strengths however, you have a difficult time focusing on just one subject at a time. In relationships this can translate into difficulty becoming intimate with just one person. You never want to feel limited. Making a concrete decision, like a commitment, feels too much like being deprived of all the other possible options. For this reason you may delay commitment or sabotage your relationship when it feels like things are advancing.

Venus in Cancer

You intuitively understand what others need and love to nurture those you love. Regardless of gender, your strength in relationships is your maternal nature and ability to emotionally connect with and comfort others.

You become emotionally attached quickly and are sensitive to any sign of rejection. Your biggest insecurity is fear of being abandoned. Even when a partner is independent enough to not need you for emotional stability, you may interpret this as an abandonment of sorts.

You must feel secure that you have a place in the relationship even if you are not needed to be the mother or therapist to your loved one.

Venus in Leo

Your enthusiasm is contagious. You know how to cheer and uplift others and your sense of dramatic flair can be quite entertaining. You make sure your loved one knows they are the center of your universe.

Yet deep inside you can be insecure (it is one of your best kept secrets, you’ll deny it with all your might).

Your ego can be quite fragile in relationships and you may perceive any type of criticism as rejection. This will send you into despair. You will either go to even more extreme lengths to show your love for your partner, or else will blow up with resentment, showing your dramatic side through a temper tantrum.

You need a great deal of attention and admiration in order to feel loved by others. You are the King or Queen yet you succumb to fears about being ‘dethroned’ and these insecurities can lead you to mistake others’ normal behavior for dismissiveness.

Venus in Virgo

Your strengths lie in the details. You know how to show love through practical measures meant to make your loved one feel special, cared for and valued. You are also conscious of the health of those you care about. You think of all the possible things that a person may need and prepare for any situation, just in case.

Your loved ones appreciate this when there is a disaster or when unexpected problems arise.

What they don’t appreciate though is your constant state of anxiety. When you are in love, you will worry about what could happen to your partner. This persistent worry can lead you to overanalyze, or even nag.

Without intending to you may project negativity and cynicism, dashing the hopes of your loved one because of your own fears of disaster waiting around every corner.

Venus in Libra

Among your many talents is a gift for bringing harmony and balance to the lives of those you love. You have a knack for helping others to see the perspective they are lacking.

You strive to keep others balanced by providing the missing puzzle pieces, filling in the point of view that is under represented whether you agree personally or not.

Your ability to be fair and to see situations from different angles is a gift you bring to your relationships. It also helps you to empathize with and appreciate others.

Your biggest insecurity however is being alone. You thrive on partnership both romantic and otherwise. When left to your own devices you struggle to assert yourself. As much as you are the sounding board for others, you also need someone in your life to help you sort out your ideas and stick to your goals.

You fear being alone and may partner with others for romance or business who are not truly your best match, but who are available.

Venus in Scorpio

Your biggest strength in relationships is your ability to see the true nature of others. You are loyal and intuitively keen. You can see through illusions and will not waste your time with others who engage in any level of deception.

For this reason, when you finally do bond with someone, you dive in with all of your energy. You can be loyal and persistent once you feel you have found the right match.

Your greatest insecurity, however, is a fear of being betrayed or deceived. You can be so sensitive to the possibility of dishonesty that you may jump the gun and assume a partner is lying when in fact they aren’t. You may also become vigilant when your defenses are triggered. Pride and fear can keep you from objectively assessing the situation and you may not be willing to admit your feelings, instead insisting it is the other person’s fault.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are optimistic and wise. Your greatest gift in relationships is an open heart and your desire to share your good fortune with those you love.

Your greatest insecurity is that you want to sample the best of what life has to offer and commitment may feel like a hindrance to you. Anyone who tries to confine you or push for a commitment before you are ready will learn the hard way just how much this can trigger your desire for space.

You are optimistic and good natured and in relationships you want to see the best in people. Another key issue that arises is when you are forced to see a situation for what it is and not what you hoped it would be.

Venus in Capricorn

Your greatest strength in relationship is your devotion and loyalty. You value tradition and will do your best to create a solid foundation for those you love.

You are hard working, ambitious and unshakeable. At times when others panic or react emotionally you remain logical and practical.

You treat relationships like a business and tend to be serious about your investments of time, energy and money.

One of your greatest fears in relationships is that you will not be able to provide for your loved ones. As a result you tend to throw yourself into work.

You may also become excessively frugal. You aren’t trying to be stingy, in fact you are hoping to be able to share your wealth generously, yet you never feel you have enough to provide the right amount of security.

Venus in Aquarius

Your greatest strength is your ability to attract opportunities that are far off the beaten path.

Your loved ones are in for an adventure and will never be the same after seeing the world through your eyes. You are likely to shock, excite and enlighten those you love with your radical ideas and brilliant insights.

You love others and are a humanitarian with a huge heart. At the same time you are also very sensitive and struggle to allow yourself to become intimate in one on one relationships. You fear being absorbed into the relationship and as a result you often act erratic, keeping others guessing about your feelings and level of attraction.

If you aren’t careful you could sabotage relationships out of fear of losing your independence. You can become rebellious in relationships if you feel that you are being controlled in any way.

Venus in Pisces

Your greatest strength in relationships is your open hearted compassion and love for others.

You desire intimacy and are forgiving, loving and can even bring emotional healing to those you care about. You are romantic and creative and will always make sure your partner knows they are loved.

Your greatest insecurity is not being able to trust yourself. You know from past experience that you are adept at deceiving yourself in pursuit of relationships which may be toxic, unrequited, or addictive. As a result you maintain fears that you may be deceived again and your intuition, usually sharp, will not be able to reach through your capacity for self delusion.

You fear that your loved one will not fulfill the image of the ideal person you imagine them to be.

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