How do you sabotage your relationships, according to your Venus sign?

venus-i-sabotage.jpg What Venus in the signs can show you about how you sabotage your relationships?

Venus in Aries

You are passionate, courageous and impulsive. You can also be singularly focused and undeterred when fixated on your goals.

In relationships, though your heart is genuinely kind, you are likely to jump to conclusions about what you think is best for your partner or what they want.

You are willful and ambitious, and will exert all of your energy to create a good life for yourself and for those you love. It is difficult for you to see things from others’ points of view.

When conflicts arise in your relationships, you seek to be the hero or heroine and try to solve things as quickly as possible. What you don’t realize is that in doing so, you end up disregarding your partners’ needs, feelings and process.

You don’t mean to be narrow minded, your intentions are good. You are hoping to hurry up and make things better yet you may end up further digging yourself into a hole.

Venus in Taurus

You are constant and patient, understanding that good things take time to unfold. You have a difficult time embracing change and can struggle to adapt your thinking when your ideas are challenged.

You can be fixed in your beliefs at times. Some would accuse you of being stubborn but you see it as perseverance.

The truth is perhaps something in between.

You know what makes you comfortable and will be inclined to insist on your routines, ideas and luxuries when compromise may be called for.

When you lock horns with your partner, you may tune out their point of view and go overboard insisting on getting your own way.

You will sabotage your relationship if you insist on being catered to rather than compromising.

Venus in Gemini

You are social, outgoing and quick witted. You love to surround yourself with friends and thrive on continual mental stimulation and engagement with others.

If you are feeling bored with your relationship, you are susceptible to straying if even just through flirtation and conversation which pushes the boundaries.

You can be fickle and conflict can drag you down too much. As a result, when things become tense, boring or uncomfortable you could use your diplomacy skills to sort things out and talk it through. You are also likely to take a different route altogether.

You may become tempted to pursue interests outside the relationship. Even if there is no infidelity, your actions will rouse jealousy and further complicate things.

Venus in Cancer

You don’t easily discern the fine line between nurturing and smothering. Your protective instincts can become overbearing at times. Your desire for security can trigger an emotionally needy, clingy side.

You are likely to sabotage relationships by trying too hard to coddle and protect your partner. When you are fearful or insecure about your relationship, you may start to treat your partner as if they were your child.

Let your partner make their own choices, even their own mistakes. Be careful of becoming emotionally dependent on your partner or emotionally manipulating them to get your way.

If you aren’t feeling secure personally, you will look for signs of abandonment and betrayal where none may exist. This constant need for reassurance can drive your relationship into the ground if you aren’t careful.

Venus in Leo

You have a larger than life personality. You can’t help expressing your true individuality and are proud of your accomplishments.

When taken to the extreme however you can outshine others or become insecure when your views are challenged. You may unintentionally keep the spotlight on yourself and overlook the needs of your loved one.

You are generous and caring, yet when conflicts arise you will tend to your own wounds. You may not look at your own contributions to the conflict, instead insisting that others are treating you unfairly.

Insisting on having your own way or constantly outshining others are examples of ways that you could sabotage relationships.

Venus in Virgo

You are a stickler for details. Highly organized and routine oriented, you hold yourself and others to a high standard. You become frustrated when others fall short of your expectations.

Although you are cautious and plan your every move, you could sabotage your relationship if you aren’t mindful that your criticisms of others can come across as hurtful, even though that is not your intention.

You can overanalyze every aspect of your relationship, convincing yourself that things aren’t working out rather than being open to working as a team. You may also worry excessively, projecting your fears onto others in the form of nagging.

You sabotage relationships when you allow fear to get the best of you, causing you to obsess over the flaws you perceive in your significant other.

Venus in Libra

You can’t help keeping an invisible- or actual- scoresheet.

Any Virgo would admire your attention to detail when it comes to keeping a record of who has done what. Your tendency to monitor the give and take in relationships isn’t bad on the surface.

It’s only when you don’t openly assert yourself when things get out of balance. You don’t want to rock the boat, so you will just keep up your tally until one day your list of grievances and slights will far outweigh your list of positives.

If you find ways to assert your needs and speak up when you feel things are out of balance, you are much less likely to build up resentments.

You also won’t be as susceptible to sabotaging your relationships if you work are mindful not to only focus on the weak spots but also consider your partner’s strengths.

Venus in Scorpio

There is a fine line between sabotaging your relationships and testing your partners. Unfortunately, you often blur this line or use it to achieve both functions at the same time.

You tell yourself when things don’t work out that you were better off because that person was some how to blame. The blame game is actually a favorite way to avoid intimacy and long term commitment.

Your jealousy will also help you keep people at arm’s length. Though at first you will become intensely obsessed with your partner, you will also look for any signs of betrayal or disloyalty.

When you don’t find evidence, you may still have convinced yourself that there is reason to be suspicious. When this happens you go into full self sabotage mode. Channeling your focused detective-like mind, you will dredge up any minor issue and claim it is grounds for suspicion.

Venus in Sagittarius

You do everything on a large scale and are often optimistic about how life should be. When reality doesn’t match your big dreams, however, it can be devastating for you.

You tend to get ahead of yourself and because you are idealistic, you see the best in others.

When you sabotage relationships, it is because you have invested in an image of who you want others to be that is different from who they are. You are also likely to believe you can win over your partner through showing your extreme generosity.

When this doesn’t work, you may end up with a fractured relationship and debts to pay from your numerous attempts to win over your loved one.

You don’t have to shoot the moon when it comes to love and romance. Don’t overlook the small steps and be patient. You can move quickly and resort to grandiose gestures to impress your loved one, but this will only backfire if not sustainable.

Venus in Capricorn

You are driven to succeed and place great emphasis on setting a solid foundation for your relationship.

When under stress, your answer is to work harder. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always include working harder to communicate, collaborate and compromise.

Most often, in fact, it simply means bury yourself in work, busy work, house work or other types of productivity that cause you to spin your wheels.

Deep down you may believe you are taking measures to improve the future of your relationship, yet the reality is you have put up a wall with tedious tasks coming in between yourself and your loved one.

You sabotage by becoming aloof and detached. Work is a convenient way to accomplish this but you also do it by retreating into the past and focusing on nostalgia rather than dealing with problems in the present.

Venus in Aquarius

You are unique and eccentric. A natural rebel, you break all the relationship rules. This can create messy situations that go from exciting to chaotic quickly.

You will rebuke any suggestions made to strengthen your relationship, preferring to be a maverick.

The problem with being a staunch individualist in the context of a relationship, however, is that you don’t get to have it both ways. Eventually you must choose between following your every erratic mood and brilliant idea and being part of a team or partnership.

This sacrifice doesn’t come easily to you. If you aren’t extremely devoted to the relationship, it is just easier for you to find some reason to explode and head off on your own, convincing yourself the other person just wasn’t the one and you are better off this way.

When you break things off, you are likely to shock everyone. No one will anticipate that you had passed the point of no return.

You may instigate an argument, or find some justification to blow up and call it quits, or you may purposely push all of your partner’s buttons to try to get them to run for the hills. If they stick with you, you will find a way to sabotage sooner or later.

Venus in Pisces

You are dreamy and empathic. When conflicts arise in relationships, you are likely to withdraw into your own fantasy world. You don’t like to get confrontational and you are more likely to retreat into self delusion and convince yourself that everything is fine.

Alcohol, drugs, and even spiritual pursuits can become escapes for you. Ultimately, your addictions and withdrawal into your own fantasy world will take its toll.

Your partner may decide they have had enough and leave. You may also use other relationships as an escape and find among your distracting flirtations, a new relationship to jump into, leaving the old one behind.

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