Which type of person will you never get over, according to your Venus sign?

venus-cant-get-over.jpg What Venus in the signs can show you about which type of person you will never get over?

Venus in Aries

You have a one track mind and love gives you an opportunity to put all of your focus into one ultimate goal, the ideal romance. You get to be the hero, vanquishing foes and defending the honor of your beloved.

You tell yourself that, at least.

In your version of the ideal love story, you are the champion for your loved one, removing any obstacles and always diving head first into any challenge.

In reality, the love that doesn’t last long enough to get to the scene where you actually slay the dragon and rescue the Princess or Prince is likely to be the one that sticks in your heart and mind.

That is because it leaves unfinished business. You will always replay the story of the exciting partner you couldn’t outrun. The one you couldn’t save. You will hold a special love for the person who remained an elusive mystery or who always was a step ahead of you.

The person who’s fire matched your own but who ignited too much passion and with whom you couldn’t find a way to compromise.

Venus in Taurus

You will never fully get over the person who made you feel like a million dollars. The lover who saw your worth the way you understand it to be yet couldn’t be there for you in the way you needed them.

This may be the dear friend who was already married, or not attracted to your gender or just plain not romantically attracted to you.

Your practical sensibilities will want to try to comprehend why this person couldn’t realize they were really supposed to be with you. You will obsess over every detail of how you were both perfect for each other.

You are persistent and will continually strategize ways to win this person’s affection and attention.

When it doesn’t work out as you felt it should have, you will move on. You aren’t one to beg for love or show desperation. However a part of you that has latched on to the idea that this person was your perfect partner will remain grounded in this fantasy.

Ironically, had you gotten the chance to actually be in relationship with this person, eventually their flaws would be exposed and you would have a very different view of them.

You are more inclined to hold on to the potential for what you think should have been, than to hold on to a situation that went sour.

Venus in Gemini

You can’t help falling in love with the well travelled socialite who writes poetry and reads obscure books that no one else has ever heard of. You simply can’t believe there is another person in the entire world who also knows the same trivia that you know.

To say nothing of their collection of pop culture memorabilia.

Yet if things don’t work out with this person, you will always fantasize about what life would have been like if you could be together. You may come to perceive this person as your twin on a spiritual level.

Usually this requires them to be your equal intellectually. You would also reserve this unique designation for a special someone who always knows just what to say to keep you interested.

Thoughtful but also friendly and fun. The person who made you laugh like no one else. The person whose voice is music to your ears.

No matter how much time goes by you will imagine that some day the two of you meet again and stroll off into the sunset.

Venus in Cancer

You hold on tight to relationships. You will cling to the fond memories of those you have loved before, and even hoard the not so fond memories as fodder for future grudges.

Yet the one who will stay in your heart is the first person to make you feel like family instead of just lovers. The person you could see as spouse potential, or the person you wanted to have children with.

The bond with someone who has children in need of a co-parent will be even stronger, as you will fall in love with the family and not just your partner.

The person who made you feel safe and secure and who was strong enough to hold space for you to express your wild array of emotions will forever be in your heart.

If you are not careful, you may cling to a fantasy of reconnection even when all evidence suggests it is time to move on. Still you will hang on to their photo and other tokens of the relationship, trying to recreate the way this person made you feel.

Venus in Leo

You will never get over the person who made you feel like royalty. You may sulk when the relationship ends, or try to save face by telling yourself a version of the story in which you were taken for granted.

Yet deep in your heart, you know when someone was encouraging, supportive, loyal and generous. You will always cherish the person who made you feel validated and who believed in your ability to succeed even more than you did.

You are attracted to status and power. The person who made you feel like the center of attention is also likely to remain in your heart regardless of circumstances. Even if things ended poorly, you will always feel affection for the person who embodied glamour, power and status.

You may recall your loved one who later became famous and tell others you knew them when they were still rising to their success.

Not usually one to mope, it is more likely you will reflect on the relationship with pride.

Venus in Virgo

You are detail oriented and practical when it comes to relationships. Once you have made up your mind that someone is better off with you than without you, they become the focus of your attention.

You may feel they need you the way a compulsive cat adopter feels they are needed by the feline population.

You imagine the day when your many selfless acts of service finally elevate your loved one to the type of lifestyle you always wanted for them.

Even when things don’t work out, you will preserve the hope that when this person simply comes to their senses logic will prevail and they will come to see how much they really do need you.

If you do find the partner of your dreams, the person in need of ‘fixing’ who actually appreciates all you do for them, you will cherish this relationship because it gives you what you long for, a chance to be of service to someone who sees the value in your many sacrifices and shows gratitude. This person will stay in your heart forever.

Venus in Libra

You love the idea of the perfect partner. The one who makes you feel like your complementary matching book end. When you meet someone who is compatible without being too similar, you will feel like the scales have been evenly balanced.

You are romantic and fair minded. The person you perceive to be your ideal will understand your altruism but also challenge you so that you don’t become complacent.

You will appreciate that this person sees the beauty in all things and shares your love of culture and art. You will wonder if there could possibly be another human being on earth who would sit through the opera with you like this special person.

A lot of people may take direct initiative and be decisive, an area you struggle with. Yet it is this special person that you will never fully let go of that not only helps support your decisions, but whose opinions you can trust to be fair and not self serving.

This person who appreciates justice and romance as much as you and who can relate to your soft side without being too needy or weepy is the one you will not easily get over if the relationship ends.

Venus in Scorpio

You will move on from most loves and will likely only hold on to the aspect of the relationship that presented fertile ground for holding a grudge. The exception to this is the person who remained more mysterious than you.

The special person who managed to beat you at your own game of secrecy and intrigue will remain in your heart because they were a puzzle you could never solve.

You will always wonder what they were really thinking, how they truly felt and what might have been. You will feel restless because you never got the satisfaction of getting down to the bottom of things and understanding what underlies this unique person’s cool exterior.

You know all the ways to penetrate through people’s defenses, yet the person who remains and enigma will keep you captivated long after the relationship ends.

Also, you will never truly get over a relationship that made you feel alive with passion. Your sex life is a vital part of your romantic life. Any partner who brought out your intense sexual appetite will be difficult for you to truly get over.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are freedom loving and independent. You seldom become clingy or nostalgic about relationships, preferring instead to move on to bigger and better things.

The person who will remain in your heart, however is the one who opened doors to higher wisdom.

You recognize that on some level this person was like a guru as well as a lover. You will have difficulty believing that anyone else can understand you on a spiritual and philosophical level the way this person could.

You also will miss this person’s sense of adventure and optimism. The partner who was your equal as far as philanthropy, spirituality and shared your sense of joy and openness will be hard to let go of.

You will always hold out hope that your paths will cross again. In particular, you may never forget the person who caught your attention, or with whom you had a fling while traveling in a foreign land.

The fantasy of what might have been will likely far exceed the excitement of any real relationship that may develop and you will have this dream to fall back on.

Venus in Capricorn

You will never truly get over the person you lost while chasing dreams of success. When you make it to the corner office, you will wonder if there could have been a chance for something more.

The partner who would have been perfect if only they understood the reasons you had to work late all the time will stay in your mind as the years go by.

This person likely shares your traditional values and some of your ambition. You see this person as the ideal complement to your hard working, serious energy. They are the playful, youthful person who brought cheerfulness into your otherwise somber life.

Your practical mind will tell you that time heals all wounds yet the sentimental side awakened by this person will long for a time when you get a second chance.

Venus in Aquarius

Your many exciting adventures keep you pretty well focused on the future rather than the past. You don’t typically have time to grieve and prefer to avoid those icky emotions anyway. Instead you would rather put both feet on the ground and keep moving forward.

You are highly intellectual in love. Years after yet another dramatic unexpected and likely abrupt ending to a relationship, you may find yourself puzzling over the one person who was always able to draw your attention and challenge you.

The person who, like yourself, didn’t go with conventional opinion but was an individual. The person whose path collided with yours like an unexpected burst of lightning.

The one who offered exciting layer after layer to discover. The partner or lover who wasn’t afraid to try new things and was open to being on the cutting edge of new trends. The one who loved to engage in a good solid debate and whose sharp intellect kept you on your toes.

You may not every completely get over this person, but your strong intuition will let you know that on some interdimensional realm, they never really left you.

Venus in Pisces

You are deeply connected to your loved ones. A sensitive romantic, it could be said you never really get over anyone completely. You don’t need to though.

You understand we are all connected and feel the stirrings of attraction and compassion for long lost lovers even if they never resurface again.

You may reserve special affection for the person who lifted you out of the deep tides of your emotions and supported your creativity and artistic vision. The person who helped you take risks and explore your spiritual side. Your special partner who was as nonjudgmental and compassionate as you are.

You still see this person in your dreams and know they are sensing your connection to them on some level.

When you aren’t dealing with issues in your present relationship, you may revert into fantasy and think of this person. You may even locate them through social media. Odds are good that you won’t actually contact them.

You know on some level that you are as in love with an illusion of the person as you are with the person themselves. Still they add to your desire to escape and you are happy to revisit the good old days through your nostalgic memories.