What makes others notice you, according to your Venus sign?

venus-get-attention.jpg What Venus in the signs can tell you about what makes others notice you?

Venus in Aries

You are excitable and enthusiastic. Your passion and focus attract others to you. You can be intense but this is an attention getter. Your strength and courage are admired by others. It doesn’t hurt that all of your physical activity tends to result in a strong physique.

Others are drawn to your intense energy. You are quick to respond and are protective and encouraging to those you love. Your partner will feel like the center of your world because you focus so much energy on those you care about.

Venus in Taurus

You radiate beauty. Others also recognize that you express your nurturing energy in earthy, practical and sensual ways.

You are attentive to the needs of others and always try to make those you love feel physically comfortable. Your love of beauty and knack for making others feel like they are in the height of luxury while not going overboard with the budget attracts others to you.

You feed the senses of your loved ones and your partner will be drawn to this. You aren’t afraid of enjoying life’s pleasures, be it through food, drink, atmosphere, or other comforts and you share these experiences with your loved one. Your ability to pamper those you love attracts others to you.

Your partner is also attracted to your grounded nature. You have your stuff together and it is reassuring to others. Loved ones know you are reliable and consistent and that you will never let them down.

Venus in Gemini

Others can’t resist your sharp wit and way with words. You speak eloquently and can charm those around you because you know just what to say at the right time. Your ideas about the world and the knowledge you have gathered are also alluring to your potential partner.

You have a gift for saying just what people need to hear to feel uplifted and inspired. Others are attracted to you because of your willingness to share your world through speaking and writing.

You are also naturally curious about others and this too draws attention. Your partner will appreciate being listened to and heard. You keep your partner engaged by filling their mind with knowledge and fun trivia.

Venus in Cancer

You make everyone feel at home. Your nurturing abilities attract the attention of others. Your partner will notice how easily you express your own feelings and will feel empowered to connect with their own emotions as well.

Your understanding of the importance of valuing others’ emotions also draws others to you. You are compassionate and loyal and others feel comforted in your presence.

Your maternal instincts show, regardless of gender, and those who long for a sense of family or healing wounds from the relationship with their own parents may be drawn to you.

Venus in Leo

Others are drawn to your radiant energy and optimism. You can be playful in romance and you help others connect with their own youthful energy.

Your partner feels uplifted by your presence. You are generous and outgoing and have a way of making others feel like they are royalty.

You place your loved ones on a pedestal. Your partner knows they have found someone special who is not afraid to be themselves in relationships. They appreciate your authenticity and unique qualities.

You are able to express yourself unhindered by insecurities and doubts. Your partner will be attracted to your charisma and strength of character.

Venus in Virgo

You are detail oriented and will go the extra mile to pay attention to your partner’s likes and dislikes. You bring the energy of humility and service into your relationships. Your partner will be attracted to you because you are honest without letting passions cloud your judgment.

They will also appreciate your dedication and willingness to attend to every details to try to make things perfect in the relationship.

You are conscious of the health and well being of your loved ones and they will appreciate the practical things you do to make sure they are well cared for.

Venus in Libra

You embody beauty and balance. Others may first be attracted to your physical appearance and fashion sense- you know how to play up your best features- yet your personal energy is just as attractive.

You are warm, kind and loving. Your bubbly personality impacts everyone you meet. Others can tell you take a genuine interest in uplifting them. You are also fair and conscientious.

Your partner will be attracted to your big heart, which you wear openly on your sleeve. You are not dripping with emotion typically, yet you openly display your compassion for others.

Your partner will also be attracted to your superb taste in art and culture. You display your sensual side. Both your wardrobe, appearance and home décor reflect your refined tastes and this gets the attention of others.

Venus in Scorpio

Others will notice your intense eyes. Whether you are in a serious mood or being playful, you have a deep, penetrating gaze which signals to others that there are great mysteries lying beneath the surface. This will fascinate others and draw them in.

While your prospective partner may hope to uncover your secrets, you will be cautious to always leave people guessing. This creates more intrigue and often adds to your sex appeal.

As a result the attraction grow even more magnetic. You are a puzzle that others want to solve but can never quite completely put together. You may also have an edgy quality that draws others to you like moths to a flame.

Even at your most troubled, others find you irresistible. A person in need of rescuing, a mystery to solve, or a rebel in need of love, your prospective partner will be attracted by your overt and covert signals.

Venus in Sagittarius

Your partner will be drawn to your generosity, optimism and broad perspective. You soothe others by reminding them of the vastness of the universe and their own greater potential.

You help people transcend their narrow perspective and forget their troubles by indulging in adventures for the mind and senses.

Your philanthropic nature also attracts others to you. Your partner can sense the carefree, happy-go-lucky energy you exude and hopes your good fortune will rub off on them as well. You uplift others and remind them of their ideals and this will continually draw new prospects to you.

Venus in Capricorn

You are hard working and disciplined. Others are attracted to your ambition and your wealth or potential for it. You make it known that you are going places and building a solid foundation.

Your ability to create security from the ground up is attractive to others. You aren’t swayed by emotion and passions and this too is attractive to your partner.

Your partner recognizes that you can be a pillar of strength and a role model of willpower, working within the confines you are given and employing discipline and denial as elements of a refined, ascetic personality. Rather than complaining about what you don’t have, you embrace scarcity as motivation.

Your attitude of self sacrifice and minimalism is intriguing to others who are looking for security. You also hold traditional values and your partner will find this romantic rather than smothering or oppressive.

Venus in Aquarius

You are a free spirited rebel when it comes to relationships, breaking all the rules and carving your own path. You can also be an enigma. Others are likely to say you aren’t like anyone they’ve known before and this is true.

Your partner will be attracted to you because you keep them guessing. You are full of surprises and life with you brings excitement and constant change.

You will attract others who need to have their illusions shattered. Your partner will be drawn to you because you teach them to look at the world in new ways.

Venus in Pisces

Spiritual, compassionate and mystical, you attract people who are trying to transcend their mundane problems and reconnect with unity and spirituality. Your compassion and empathy help others feel safe. Your partner may undergo significant healing in your presence.

You are artistic and have a unique perspective that helps to uplift and soothe others. Your creativity will also attract others to you. Your partner may first notice your warm smile, your talent as an artist or musician, or your open, accepting, unconditionally loving nature.