What makes you turn green with envy, according to your Venus sign?

venus-envy-of.jpg What Venus in the signs can show you about what makes you turn green with envy?

Venus in Aries

Its no secret, you want to be the best. Even when you opt to share your life, in a partnership or friendship, you always hope to be a step ahead of others.

You will become jealous of anyone who can beat you at any task. Whether it is someone who can bench more weight, run faster, or top your golf score, you never want to be second best.

Even true love is no exception. You will become green with envy when you feel like you are in competition, and not winning.

You don’t mind a challenge but you always want to be the first to do everything and you want to know that you were also the best.

If you hear your partner talk favorably about an ex or a friend you will instantly strategize a plot to impress them and prove that you are number one.

Venus in Taurus

You love being admired and knowing that others see your beauty, You will become jealous if you have to compete for the admiration of those around you.

Your biggest trigger will be appearance. You want to know that your lover considers you to be the most beautiful or attractive.

Second on the list is finances. You will become jealous if you perceive that you aren’t as financially stable as your partner, their ex, or even your friends.

You place value on appearances and material items including money and you want to know that you have earned the respect and admiration of others.

Venus in Gemini

You are proud of your intellectual abilities and linguistic gifts. Outgoing and social you also see life as a popularity contest. If you feel like you have fallen out of favor by the crowd you will become jealous.

You are also envious of those who have lived in various countries, enjoying the benefit of full immersion in language and culture while you have had to learn from a book. Perhaps your accent is perfect and you are fluent in seven languages. No matter, you envy those who got to have the full experience, feeling insufficient to have had to learn second hand.

You are also likely to envy those who you perceive can outsmart you. You like to be the most clever and versatile intellect in the room.

If a friend gets published first, or their work is published in a more prestigious journal, or if you land a job at a community college while your partner gets a position teaching at an Ivy League school, it will trigger your jealousy.

Your interest in pop culture will also not be outdone. You are jealous of anyone who can outdo your collection of movie posters, comic books or Star Trek paraphernalia. You will turn a darker shade of green if they speak Klingon in addition.

Venus in Cancer

You treat your loved ones as if they are family and you are a nurturer to those you care about. If your loved one prefers someone else’s cooking you will feel unsettled.

If you feel that someone is intruding on your homelife, or infiltrating your relationship, you will become jealous. The offense may be minimal.

It could be your partner is spending more time with a colleague that he is getting to know, or your wife is staying with a sister while family visits from out of town. No matter, you will feel slighted. It will feel to you as if your loved one is seeking family and love elsewhere and you will become envious.

You are emotionally sensitive and it goes without saying that any sign that your partner finds another attractive, even if it is an innocent observation that someone is wearing a nice outfit, will trigger your insecurity and jealousy.

Venus in Leo

You become envious of anyone you think receives more attention or admiration than you. You know that you are creative, talented and radiant.

Yet when anyone else gets the spotlight, even momentarily, it will make you question yourself and wonder what makes them so special.

You want to be recognized for your individuality and uniqueness and if someone encroaches on what you believe to be your territory, you become envious. You want to be the best at everything you do and become insecure if someone else shows aptitude in an area that you have already claimed as your specialty.

When you are truly grounded in your natural confidence, you don’t feel threatened by others’ radiance, rather you help them to shine. Work on building your confidence up and you will not be susceptible to jealousy.

Venus in Virgo

You are meticulous and take pride in your work. You also have to work hard to build a strong foundation. You become envious of those who are able to enjoy leisure time. This is because you are always busy and when you aren’t busy you are thinking of things you need to do in order to become busy.

You really don’t know how to just kick back and enjoy life. Even your recreational hobbies involve making things, fixing things, organizing things and doing things.

You are secretly jealous of those who are able to enjoy doing nothing. You both long for a break but also dread the empty silence of not having work to do.

Venus in Libra

You are sensitive to all things beautiful and are keenly aware of the power of image. This is what draws you to art, theater, decorating and exploring culture.

It can also make you conscious of your own image and appearance. You know there is power in portraying beauty and may become envious of others who seem to be the image of perfection.

You exude charm and beauty naturally, yet you may have certain features you wish were different. When you see others whose face, hair or body look the way you wish yours did, it stirs your envy.

You can also be indecisive and may envy others who are determined and focused because it causes you so much anxiety to make a decision.

Venus in Scorpio

When your energy is out of balance you become jealous easily. You will envy anyone who receives your partner’s attention or those about whom they speak favorably, even if they praise you as well.

You will also envy anyone you perceive to have more power or status. You love projecting an air of mystery and power. When someone else is given more responsibility at work, you will envy them for being selected when you know you could have done a better job.

Your energy probes beyond boundaries and you want to penetrate into every realm. This also translates into you feeling a fear of missing out if others have any opportunity you didn’t have. Even, ironically, if it was an opportunity you would not have wanted.

When you are not balanced you may perpetually feel like the grass is greener everywhere but where you are standing.

You can become intense and obsessive in love however and this is the area where most of your jealousy is triggered. You may prefer to think that your partner never knew anyone else before meeting you and any link they maintain to their past can trigger your suspicion and jealousy.

Venus in Sagittarius

You have an unending quest for knowledge and long to explore the world. You will become jealous of those who were able to further their education beyond the opportunities you received.

Though good natured and generally not one to get into pettiness, you will feel a pang of envy if a loved one or friend succeeds in making a trip you had to cancel or have not yet been able to plan.

Also if you watch others living a more carefree life, seemingly unburdened by a restrictive schedule or family, you will become envious of their freedom.

Most of the time however you realize that you are quite lucky and others are typically envious of how you have always landed on your feet regardless of conflicts.

You tend to be grateful for what you have, though your desire for bigger, better and more can lead to jealousy if you get caught up in the game of keeping up with the Joneses.

Venus in Capricorn

You have a strong work ethic and treat relationships like a business partnership.

If you perceive that your significant other has been given a career opportunity that you deserved you will become jealous. Even a deep loving connection will not protect you from feeling envy if your partner gets a raise or promotion and you don’t.

Even worse, if you are to lose your job, the job security of your loved one can become a source of envy.

You will also envy a partner or loved one who seems to have gotten a free ride when your life has been filled with struggles.

To be clear, you don’t really mind struggling and in some ways you wear it as a badge of honor. Still, deep inside you secretly wish you had won the lottery, received a big settlement or inheritance or were born into wealth and could enjoy the status without having had to toil so much.

Venus in Aquarius

You don’t buy into social conventions enough to become jealous of people. You know that money is an illusion as is power.

You don’t envy the average person’s attachment to their emotional states because you know this becomes a type of slavery. Your career takes you off the beaten path so you don’t envy anyone’s suffocating nine to five job.

If you ever feel envious it is likely to involve your longing to break all boundaries. You may envy people who have gone into space or who are deceased and can experience connection to the spirit realm without the hindrance of a body.

You may envy aliens for being able to look down at the chaotic world and laugh, secretly knowing that you have more in common with them than with your fellow humans.

You may also envy historic geniuses who were given recognition for their inventions or ideas.

Rarely, on some occasions when it becomes difficult to continuously be the unique rebel that you are, you may catch yourself wishing you could think the way the average person does. You may briefly wish you weren’t concerned with all the problems of the world, or that you could take things at face value.

If ignorance is bliss, once in a while you may wish you could shut down your mind and find pleasure in small things without overthinking. But you wouldn’t call it envy.

Venus in Pisces

You have an active fantasy life and may blur the lines between dreams, wishes and envy. You are likely to long for the illusions you created in your mind and become jealous of people you perceive to have an easier life.

You may draw these conclusions based on superficial matters. For example you may be envious of a significant other who has gotten a lucky break financially because you assume this person’s life is somehow better than yours.

You will also wish you had the means to launch your art or music career and will become jealous of people who have such opportunities.

You may become jealous of loved ones whose determination leads them to succeed in areas where you wanted to excel but got lost in daydreams or confusion.

When it comes to love you become deeply attached to others and may become jealous of anyone else that is important to them.

Most of the time though you don’t get envious because you know you can enjoy the alternative realities of your numerous imaginary lives, in which things turned out exactly as you wanted them to.