Natal charts, forecast charts, composite and synastry charts

paul-alice1.png We received a number of requests to show the charts connected to the reports and now they are available for every astrological report.

Even though there are many other astrological sites offering chart drawing features, we think the charts in 12andus are a nice and handy addiction to the reports.

Charts are available in the "Planets positions and aspects" box of the birth, forecast, relationship and relationship forecast reports.

We seized the opportunity to decrease the orbs, which were very generous. "Orb" is the distance from the exact aspect. As an example, if Jupiter is at 125 degrees from the Sun, we say that the orb is 5 degrees from an exact trine (120 degrees) aspect.

Astrologers use different values for the orbs. At 12andus we embraced much larger orbs in our calculations. We think that the effects of an aspect can be felt in a subliminal way even when the aspect is relatively far from the exact one.

Still, we use orbs a bit wider than average, but less than before. The effect is that you won't see any more some of the weaker aspects with wider orbs. Such aspects impacted your natal chart and 12andus' calculations for the dominant planet in a minimal way. Nonetheless, noticing aspects with wider orbs confused some users, so we decided to avoid this source of confusion.

For a very few charts and in special circumstances, such as when two or more planets have an almost identical strength, the tighter orbs might affect the dominant planet calculations, and you might see what was the second planet reaching the first position.

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    • Ivo-12andus founder
      Ivo-12andus founder

      Our algorithm sees Venus as your dominant planet and Jupiter as the co-dominant. Venus raised to the first position because is in Libra, Venus' congenial sign, while enjoying a favourable conjunction with the Sun and a trine with the Ascendant, which are the most important elements of a chart, along with the Moon and the Medium Coeli.

      As well, an opposition between Venus and Saturn both reinforce Venus' importance in your chart and moderates or, in a Saturnian way, controls, the bright Venusian qualities inasmuch in aspect with the Sun, the Ascendant, and in the 5th house (those 3 fellows show their presence in a noticeable and apparent way.)

      The square between Venus and Neptune might create idealistic expectations and delusions in love affairs. No worry... old wise Saturn will ground the bubble to reality :-)

      • Divina

        I Would just like to ask a simple question. In the composite chart, relationship forecast sector, what does roomantic, sexual, love, business, intelligence etc.. stand for? Like how to interpret them individually and as in combination or whole.

        • Ivo-12andus founder
          Ivo-12andus founder

          Those areas of mutual attraction are a synthesis of the synastry aspects between 2 persons. Being a synthesis, it doesn't convey the subtleties that are available in the actual synastry aspects readings.

          • Riki

            Hi I love your synastry reports ,Do you also do composite chart reports ?

            • Ivo-12andus founder
              Ivo-12andus founder

              hi, we don't have a plan for composite readings at the moment but is something that we may consider in the future.