Transiting Saturn on natal Saturn: stabilize your life

    Ivo - 12andus founder
    By Ivo - 12andus founder

    stabilize.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Saturn

    Saturn conjunct to natal Saturn represents a very important stage in your life.

    This transit happens at around 29 years old and, again, at around 58 years old. In both cases you will re-evaluate your life under a more mature view.

    You want to find out what's really important for you and what's your life path. Anything that isn't useful will be discarded to create an empty space for new structures.

    In the passage period from the old to the new structures you might feel emptiness inside. Sadness might come as the awareness of your inadequate old identity comes to the surface.


    Transiting Saturn sextile natal Saturn

    During this time, you will stabilize your work in an “efficiently slow” manner.

    Your efforts will be well directed toward your goals without wasting time and money, carefully weighting every investment of energy or finance.

    You have now the inner resources to methodically climb the social ladder step by step, with no hurry.

    The work connection with other people should be based on mutual respect and reliability.


    Transiting Saturn square natal Saturn

    The projects and the life structures you started around seven years ago are now challenged.

    Some difficulties arise, and you might question your past choices. You aren't any surer of the effectiveness of your goals.

    Since you identify yourself with your activities, you might also suffer from a lack of self-confidence. You might believe that others will take advantage of your temporary weakness.

    If your projects were rooted in well planned and deep reflection, they will still succeed after this challenging time.


    Transiting Saturn trine natal Saturn

    This period will bring a needed relaxation regarding the struggle to reach your goals.

    Even though you still didn't reach your objectives completely, now you don't need to push yourself through hard-work.

    Things are flowing almost effortlessly, and you can take a break from your responsibilities and give more attention to your relationships.

    Attention to the details and steadfastness will bless your work.


    Transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn

    This time represents the highest point of the efforts you started years ago.

    You can see results, but at the same time your responsibilities will increase in proportion to your improved visibility and success.

    Your higher position will bring more conflicts with people in authority and with co-workers.

    Intimate relationships might suffer from channeling most of your energies and attention to work issues.


    To know where Saturn is transiting on your natal chart right now or for any past or future date, click on "Astro Reports", select the Forecast box, set your date and click on "Calculate", then click on "Planets positions and aspects" and look at the "Transits - Planets in signs and aspects" section.

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