Love and compatibilities in astrology: what the harmonic and conflicting relationship qualities mean

heart universe astrology Ever felt a strong attraction to somebody which defies any rational reason? Ever wondered why your past relationships were so different from each other?

In astrology, every relationship is a combination of individual charts resulting in a unique connection. Such connection becomes an entity in itself, with its own specific qualities. With a person we might be bold and outgoing as a couple, with another person we might feel reserved and formal, with a third one we might talk about philosophy and psychology.

The relationship astrological report at displays a list of traits as affectionate, artistic, compassionate, clever and so on. For some users, it is not clear what the harmonic and conflicting relationship qualities mean when applied to a relationship.

Those qualities are meant to be the driving forces of the relationship itself. Technically, at 12andus we consider both the synastry chart and the composite to infer the attributes of a chosen couple.

The attributes we show for the relationship are the traits energizing the relationship itself, as a unit that goes beyond both persons. In case of a love relationship, but even in case of a friend or a business partner, we often find the relationship transcending both and transforming into something with its own life.

For instance, what does it mean in a relationship when the energetic, sensual and courageous qualities (harmonic qualities) are high, and the aggressive, greedy and impulsive (conflicting qualities) ones are also strong? In that case it appears to be a highly passionate connection, which also triggers the dark side of passion.

If either of those people still didn't fully live those traits in their individual lives, the relationship gives a chance to experience such attributes, both positive and negative ones. Relationships often start in the life of a person when the slow planets as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto are transiting over the more personal birth planets as the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars or in the houses connected to relationships, triggering the right attitude inside of us to meet certain kind of people.

There's a fascinating endless dance between planets, people and mutual attractions.

Many people experience exceptional connections with certain kinds of people because both natal charts combine in a peculiar way, activating relationship traits like an enzyme activates chemical reactions.

12andus' relationship report details the qualities of a relationship with any other person of your choice. Wish you a deep exploration.

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