What turns you off in romance and relationships, according to your Venus sign?

how-i-am-turned-off-466.jpg What can Venus in the signs show you about what turns you off in romance and relationships?

Venus in Aries

You are turned off by indecisive people who aren’t candid about about and act out their desires.

Passive people who are always dependent on others aren't your cup of tea either. Much less do you like people who often need emotional encouragement and support. Those types of clinging people clash with your love of freedom.

You don't appreciate formalities or old-fashioned manners in courtship, preferring disruptive manners even though it might conflict with the social norms.

Venus in Taurus

You refuse people who are technology-driven, living a life mediated by screens, disconnected both from nature and sensual pleasures.

You are repelled by a person who doesn't know how to express their sensuality and affection in a physical way.

Since trust and stability are so important for you, a person who is inconsistent threatens your deep needs of permanency.

Venus in Gemini

People who don't understand your wit and humor are a turn-off for you. In general, you can't flow with a person who is not communicative or responsive on a mental level.

People who are too serious and take everything literally make you extremely bored.

The best way to make you run away quickly is a partner who wants to keep you confined or rushes into a commitment. Your love of freedom and variety can't be confined in a space where your movements become limited.

Venus in Cancer

You are turned off by sex without tender feelings and by any display of insensitivity toward yourself or toward other people, children or animals.

You become very disappointed when the other person doesn't consider what you actually feel and doesn't take time to listen and understand your vulnerabilities.

You can't accept a partner who is not devoted to you as you are. You like full commitments, not ambiguous relationships that might change without notice.

You are turned off by somebody who doesn't give the right value to your efforts, who takes you for granted and feels entitled to receive your love.

Venus in Leo

You are turned off by ordinary people, commonalities, and people without high ideals.

What you really dislike is feeling ashamed or embarrassed, especially in public, and you might end a relationship if you feel you are not being respected in the way you think you deserve.

You are turned off by stingy and calculating people, by people who don't take risks in love and don't allow for the flow of passion.

Venus in Virgo

You are turned off by approximation, by a shortage of a refined mind and intelligence. People who don't understand the subtleties of your feelings aren't going to match with you.

You reject unreliable people and people who are too proud and like to show off.

You are also turned off by an over meticulous and formal person because it clashes with your similar attitude.

Venus in Libra

You dislike anything excessive or loud in behaviors and in appearances, and anybody who is unrefined and rough. This can extend also to high spontaneity and direct demonstrations of passion.

Since you are easily hurt, you can't handle conflicts and tend to separate from people who can't control their impulses.

Pushy people don't win your heart either. You need to take your time to make your decision, which are often well evaluated and reflected.

Venus in Scorpio

You are turned off by wishy-washy people, with no strength of character and no dark side to explore, who want a comfortable life without risking anything of themselves.

You dislike conformists and static relationships with no upheavals and no deep transformations for both.

You are turned off by lack of depth and by a laid-back attitude to relationships and sex.

You are also nauseated by an excess of positive thinking when this negates the dark side present in everybody.

Venus in Sagittarius

Being confined in a house with an ordinary daily routine squashes your fire and passion. You won't trade security and cozy feelings for freedom and fun.

You are turned off by a possessive attitude and by anything limiting your explorations, as well as by heaviness and seriousness.

You dislike people who are not into adventures and are too attached to their habits, to their original places and those with limited social connections.

Uptight people who are always cautious about their reputation and don't take risks are a turn off for you.

Venus in Capricorn

You are turned off by mediocre people who don't have a goal in life, and by shallow people who don't have a well-defined personality forged by life's challenges.

You reject people who show off their appearance or their achievements. You prefer substance over image and you don't like people who brag.

You don't like relationships which aren't well defined and structured.

You can't manage partners who are into high drama and who display intense emotions.

Venus in Aquarius

You are turned off when your partner requires you to adapt to conventions and rules.

You dislike anything that limits your freedom and your self-expression, and you can't cope with jealousy and being limited by your partner.

You are turned off by people who can't think out of the box and who don't dare to express their ideas if they conflict with the status quo.

You don't want to mingle with a partner who is not willing to participate in a group of people and strive towards a common dream

Venus in Pisces

You are turned off by people who don't understand the depth of your feelings, and who don't give value to anything spiritual. Materialistic people can't conquer your heart.

You reject people who use your compassion for their own agenda and who misunderstands your devotion to others for having a lack of self-worth.

If you invested too much imagination in your fantasy world, you are also turned off by a dream that is becoming real because it can't feed your illusions anymore.

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