Sun in Cancer and Moon in Cancer

SunMoon-Cancer-Cancer.jpg Sun in Cancer and Moon in Cancer

Sun in Cancer makes you nurturing, empathic and protective of family and friends. Thanks to Moon in Cancer, these tendencies are heightened. You are extremely sensitive.

Your intuition usually triggers emotional reaction and it can be difficult for you to detach from your emotional reaction and think things through.

You are driven by a deep need for security. You may seek solace in home and family and may appear to others to be labile. You are an empath and absorb the feelings of everyone around you, sometimes without a strong filter of your own to help you manage all the intense signals you pick up.

You are drawn to family matters and whether you have children or live with dogs, you pamper those who share your home. You are also likely to treat others as family as well. You are deeply nurturing of those in your network.

With some grounding your intuition can be a strong indicator of the best path forward. You can also be shrewd when it comes to business matters. You are in tune with the emotional needs of others and also know how to establish security for family, friends and colleagues.

Since security is so important to you, you are usually well aware of your family or business’s financial standing and status of all necessary resources.

You can be nostalgic and look to the past for security. You may romanticize the past, childhood or earlier stages of a relationship and this can get in the way of evaluating the present situation in your relationships. You are tenacious and will hold on until the end, seldom ending a relationship yourself.

Though you don’t like to rock the boat, you will also show your ferocity in defending others. You can be like a protective parent, defending your loved ones and family from perceived threat.

Sun in Cancer conjunct Moon in Cancer

Cancer conjunct Cancer empowers your sensitive, warm, empathic nature. You wear your heart on your sleeve and will not be able to conceal your true feelings. This means you are openly nurturing. It can also mean that you have little to no filter for your many insecurities.

You can become deeply hurt by real or perceived criticism and may be so immersed in your emotions and reactions that you are not able to analyze a situation rationally at first.

You have a strong desire for security and connection to home and family. You can also be successful in business. You are protective of those you love.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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