Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo

SunMoon-Cancer-Leo.jpg Sun in Cancer and Moon in Leo

Sun in Cancer makes you nurturing, protective and shrewd in business. You are family oriented and care deeply about your loved ones. Moon in Leo adds to your fierce loyalty. You are sensitive and compassionate but also highly generous with others.

Moon in Leo adds courage and optimism to your sometimes timid personality. You can be more assertive because of this combination. Your moods may vary as you are highly emotionally sensitive yet Leo Moon makes you generally more optimistic.

You are confident in yourself and although you can become insecure when you feel unappreciated or when your moods are triggered, generally you are able to see the best in others. You have high hopes and easily uplift and strengthen others.

Family is important to you and you may be extremely protective of your home and loved ones. You are not likely to be secretive however and may boast proudly about your children, partner or family members. You may see others’ successes as an extension of your successes. It is easy for you to become emotionally attached to the success and status of others.

You can express your emotions in dramatic ways and may make a scene when your feelings are flowing. Even when you become angry, you are likely to vent and forgive after making your feelings known to everyone in a hundred mile radius.

You are supportive of others and can be a cheerleader for those you care about, showing your pride and love with more energy than any negative emotions.

You care about financial security but can also show your appreciation and love for others through extravagant measures and are fond of luxuries as well. This can make your finances a bit of a roller coaster. You may seek status and material comfort when your emotions are triggered as well.

Sun in Cancer conjunct Moon in Leo

Sun in Cancer conjunct Moon in Leo empowers your intuition and emotional nature. You can be confident and optimistic and usually see the best in people. You also have high hopes for yourself and others. When others don’t live up to your expectations it can feel like a personal disappointment.

You are so confident in your intuition that you may respond to instincts on impulse, sure that all will work out in the end. You channel your feelings in colorful, creative and bold ways. You can be dramatic and a natural entertainer. You are caring, protective and charming.

Rarity of this aspect: Somehow rare

Sun in Cancer sextile Moon in Leo

Sun in Cancer sextile Moon in Leo helps you balance your compassionate, intuitive nature with your confidence and optimism. You are generous, protective and loyal. You love to share your home with friends and loved ones and are outgoing and inspiring.

You can be protective and empathic. You instinctively feel you know what is right and act immediately on these instincts. You have theatrical ways of showing your feelings and can be dramatic but are usually uplifting and encouraging of others.

You aren’t always comfortable being in the spotlight, but will push yourself to share your talents and gifts especially when doing so will help nurture those around you.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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