How can you catch his or her eye, according to your Venus sign?

venus-get-attention.jpg What Venus in the signs reveals about how you can catch his or her eye?

Venus in Aries

You will take note of a partner who is athletic, strong willed and who offers a challenge. Someone who is secretive, ambitious, and who shows discernment when dating will catch your eye. You notice if someone is as active as you are and if they can think and act as quickly. If a prospective love interest can keep pace with you, they earn points in your book.

If they are passionate about life and about their beliefs, all the better.

If they are too head strong that can cause problems as you tend to dominate and enjoy challenge but not competition. You will look for someone who will be impressed by your adventures and strength but who will not try to outdo you.

Venus in Taurus

You have an eye for beauty, value and security. You will notice if your prospective partner dresses to impress or if they look like they just rolled out of bed.

You are also likely to notice if they appreciate the finer things in life and aren’t afraid to splurge for a good value when it comes to food, wine, clothing and dates.

You are also watching to see if they are consistent. You are practical and steadfast and will notice a date who is always late, or whose story changes one encounter to the next. Any slight inkling of dishonesty and you will move on.

Venus in Gemini

You will notice the language of your love interest. If they speak well, captivate your interest with fascinating stories and are well read, you will be hooked.

If they speak different languages and have traveled the world, even better. Extra points if they have written books.

You notice others’ intellect before you even notice their appearance and you will judge based on how well a person can converse with you. Whether in person or on social media, your prospective date has to be interesting and social.

You will notice if they are narrow minded, ignorant or a wall flower and these traits will turn you off.

You are also into pop culture and trivia and you can forgive someone for misusing there, they’re and their on social media if they can go head to head with you on a 1980’s movie trivia competition or wow you with their collection of records.

Venus in Cancer

You notice whether a prospective date is attentive to your sensitive emotional nature. You look for someone who validates you emotionally and is receptive to your nurturing energy.

Most importantly though, you look for someone who makes you feel secure. In a best case scenario this will translate into someone who has their stuff together and can start off on a stable foundation.

In a more realistic scenario, this could be the person who is an emotional train wreck but who leans on you for support. You feel drawn to those who need mothering or healing and can get stuck in a pattern of codependent relationships if you are not careful.

Family matters to you and you will notice if your prospective date has children or a dog that could at some point, become part of your family.

Venus in Leo

You know you are a King or Queen and so you look for someone who embodies regal energy as well. You want to align with someone you perceive as having status.

Someone who gives the appearance of affluence or who has a good reputation also catches your attention. You believe you can elevate yourself through association with others and so you will look for social currency when selecting a date.

You notice if someone dresses well and if they can garner attention in a positive way. You are drawn to be wherever the spotlight is and will want to be seen with whoever is the most attractive or most powerful person in the room.

Venus in Virgo

You are practical, analytical and detail oriented. You will notice if a person is clean, organized and tidy or if they are sloppy in their manners or appearance. You will also notice whether a prospective love interest is receptive to your desire to be of service.

If someone is too independent and rejects your intervention, you will feel unneeded. If they are too dependent you will feel annoyed. If they are receptive to your advice and suggestions but also level headed you will be more interested in pursuing the relationship.

You are likely to also be attracted to others’ intellectual nature and attitudes toward service and community and wellness. A gym or health club, book club or workshop, a community garden are all places you may find people you would be compatible with.

Venus in Libra

You love balance, harmony and beauty. Someone who wants to catch your attention will dress well, show their interest in music, art and culture and provide intriguing conversation and even some light debate.

You will notice how your date treats others. Do they tip generously and speak kindly to waitstaff? Or are they rude and condescending? If you see compassion and humanitarian qualities, you will be more interested in a second date.

You will also be intrigued by a date who shares your sense of romance and aesthetics. Someone who goes the extra mile to create mood through an atmosphere of romance and sentimentality.

Venus in Scorpio

You look for truth and sincerity. Any sign of deceit will be a turn off for you. You value physical attractiveness and are drawn to people who are either confident and embody power, or those who are vulnerable and seem to need a guardian.

You notice when someone acts in alignment with their words. You are drawn to those who are transparent and sincere, as they are able to ease your suspicions.

You are drawn to taboo and will be intrigued by anyone who has mysterious qualities, or who trigger your inner detective. You love having a puzzle to solve and will be interested in uncovering layers to understand the inner workings of your loved one.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are a spiritual seeker and adventurer who loves to expand beyond any limitations.

You will notice whether a prospective date is optimistic, or cynical. You are drawn to those who are as upbeat and hopeful as you are. You will also notice whether your prospective date shares your wanderlust and is well traveled. You are attracted to those who also have an interest in philosophy and spirituality.

They don’t have to share your exact views but you appreciate others who think beyond the immediate physical reality and have depth of personality and perspective.

Venus in Capricorn

You are hard working, self disciplined and traditional. You will notice the values of a prospective date and will be intrigued with someone who shares your heritage or sense of ethics.

You will also be interested in someone who is as hard working and ambitious as you are. At the very least you want to know that someone appreciates your hard work and career goals.

You notice if someone is respectful of your time. When someone is always late, or acts clingy when you need to leave, you will be turned off.

You are more attracted to someone who is assertive and this includes being on target when it comes to time management.

Venus in Aquarius

You are a free spirited rebel who is often ahead of your time. You are attracted to people who are free thinkers and can hold their own in debate.

You love to show off your intellect through debate and will be turned off by anyone who is easily offended or who confuses fact with opinion.

You will notice whether a prospective date is as progressive and open minded as you are. You will not tolerate ignorance. You want to be able to safely share your epiphanies and eccentricities and you will want to make sure your individuality is appreciated.

Venus in Pisces

You are sentimental, mystical and compassionate. You will notice a prospective date’s compassion.

You will notice whether they are able to empathize with others, even with their adversaries. You will be drawn to those who show compassion and emotional sensitivity.

Being an intuitive soul yourself, it is important for you to know that your instincts will be respected and not doubted or second guessed. You will also look for a partner who values spirituality regardless of their exact spiritual path.

You want to be able to submerge with a partner and lose the illusion of separation, yet you will also notice if a potential partner is practical enough to ground and balance you.

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